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How to Get PSA Birth Certificate in Baguio City: The #NewNormal Guide

Before the pandemic happened and community quarantine was put into place, we documented how to get PSA Birth Certificate Walk-in and Online. However, since we are now in what we call the new normal, trying our best to live despite the invisible enemy around us, a lot have been asking how to get a PSA birth certificate in Baguio City. Here’s our first-hand experience on what it is like to get a copy of your birth certificate here in Baguio City during the new normal.

Where to Get PSA Birth Certificate in Baguio City

You can avail of your Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) – CAR Census Serbilis Center located at the Ground Floor of CTTL Building, Brgy. Rizal Monument, Baguio City. It is about 5 minutes away from Burnham Park, and is located directly across the Heritage Mansion Hotel.The PSA-CAR Census Serbilis Center is open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.How to Get PSA Birth Certificate

What to Bring Before Going to PSA Baguio:

The following requirements are needed for getting a birth certificate:
  • Your valid ID
  • Filled out Application Form for Birth Certificate (You can print and fill up the form beforehand or you can also get a physical form at the PSA Serbilis Center)
  • Authorization and ID of the birth certificate owner if you are requesting a birth certificate and you are NOT any of the following*:
    • the owner of the birth certificate
    • his/her parent
    • his/her spouse
    • his/her direct descendant
    • his/her legal guardian or institution-in-charge, if minor
    • Note: If the document owner is a minor, only his/her parent or guardian can receive or authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented.If the receiving party is not any of the abovementioned persons, an authorization letter and the ID of the authorized person together with the receiving party’s valid ID are required to be presented.
  • Payment of Php 150.00 per copy
In addition to the requirements needed to get your birth certificate, to make your transaction as safe and as swift as possible, we recommend you bring the following:
  • Face mask and face shield Before you can enter the building, as per Executive Order no. 126 in the City of Baguio, wearing face mask and face shield are mandatory when entering certain establishments. This includes government offices so make sure you are wearing a face mask and a face shield.
  • your own pen
  • Bring a pocket sanitizer or alcohol to disinfect your hands and your pen regularly. Be mindful of the surfaces you will be touching as you will be entering a public place. Safety should be your number one priority!

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Walk-in

Step 1: Get an HDF, Queue Number, and Birth Certificate Application Form

Before entering the building, you will be asked what your purpose for going to the PSA is. Let them know you will get a copy of your birth certificate and they will give you a health declaration form (HDF) and the birth certificate application form. Proceed inside and fill up the forms.

Step 2: Fill up the forms

There’s a designated area before the entrance where you can get additional forms you can fill up as needed. If you’re not sure how to fill up certain parts of the form, there are PSA personnel looming by to assist clients. Once you are certain you have all of the fields correctly filled up, proceed to the main entrance.

Note: photo taken pre-pandemic

Step 3: Get your temperature taken and submit your HDF on the main entry

As part of the minimum public health protocols, before entering PSA, your temperature will be taken by a PSA personnel, and if your temperature shows you are not feverish, you will be allowed to enter and be instructed to proceed to the payment area.

Step 4: Payment

Prepare the Application Form you have just filled up, valid ID/s, supporting documents needed if any, and your payment while waiting for your queue number to be displayed on the display monitor.  Present these documents to the clerk one your number is called.As of September 29, 2020, the cost of one (1) copy of a birth certificate is Php 150.00.Don’t forget to get the receipt and your ID.

Step 5: Release

Keep your receipt and your valid ID on standby while waiting for your name to be called. Once your name is announced through the intercom, proceed to the instructed window, present your transaction receipt and valid ID, you can now get your birth certificate.Before leaving, make sure to check if the details of the birth certificate you have obtained are correct.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a guardian or a representative request for my birth certificate on my behalf?

According to PSA, if you are the owner of the document and are unable to receive the document, you may authorize a representative to get your birth certificate on your behalf.

What are considered as Valid Identification Cards (ID)?

These are the following Valid Identification Cards (ID) which the requester of the document can present during PSA Birth Certificate Walk-In Application:  

  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Driver’s License
  • 4P’s ID
  • School ID
  • PhilHealth ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Company ID
  • PRC License Card
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
  • TIN Card (with picture)
  • Voter’s ID/Certification
  • OTR (with validated picture and for personal appearance only)
  • Police Clearance (with validated picture)
  • Person with Disability Card
  • Membership ID to a recognized institution

Can I get my birth certificate on the same day?

Based on our experience, we were able to get the birth certificate on the same day. The waiting time would of course depend on the number of clients getting civil registry documents.

Which is better? Getting the birth certificate online or walk-in application?

Because of the unseen coronavirus threat, it is best to always consider applying for a copy of your birth certificate online first before considering to physically go to the PSA office. Having documents delivered lessens the risk of being exposed to the virus. However, if you urgently need the document, personally going to PSA is the fastest way to do so. Just remember to be extra cautious for your safety and strictly follow the minimum public health standards. SOURCE: PSA Serbilis

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