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How to Book PSA Online Appointment

Here’s our first-hand experience of what it is like to book a PSA Online appointment so you can get a copy of your PSA birth certificate during the new normal.

Before the pandemic happened and community quarantine was put into place, we documented how to get PSA Birth Certificate Walk-in and Online. However, since we are now in what we call the new normal, trying our best to live despite the invisible enemy around us, a lot have been asking how to get a PSA birth certificate in Baguio City. You may use the Table of Contents below for easier navigation.

What to Bring Before Going to PSA:

The following requirements are needed in getting a birth certificate:

  • CONFIRMED PSA online appointment
    As of January 24, 2022
    , the PSA-Civil Registry System Outlet, Baguio City will be implementing an Online Appointment System for clients who need to get copies of Civil Registry Documents (birth, marriage and death certificate) and or Certification (CENOMAR or Advisory on Marriages) including Authentication.  You may refer below for the steps on how to book a PSA online appointment.
  • Your valid ID
  • Authorization and ID of the birth certificate owner if you are requesting a birth certificate and you are NOT any of the following*:
      • the owner of the birth certificate
      • his/her parent
      • his/her spouse
      • his/her direct descendant
      • his/her legal guardian or institution-in-charge, if minor
      • Note:
    If the document owner is a minor,
      only his/her parent or guardian can receive or authorize the receipt of delivery of the birth certificate. The receiving party must present a valid ID. If the receiving party is the guardian of the document owner, a valid ID and proof/declaration of guardianship must be presented. If the receiving party is not any of the abovementioned persons, an authorization letter and the ID of the authorized person together with the receiving party’s valid ID are required to be presented.
  • Payment of Php 155.00 per copy

In addition to the requirements needed to get your birth certificate, to make your transaction as safe and as swift as possible, we recommend you bring the following:

  • Face mask Before you can enter the building, as per Executive Order no. 126 in the City of Baguio, wearing face mask when entering certain establishments. This includes government offices so make sure you are wearing a face mask.
  • your own pen
  • Bring a pocket sanitizer or alcohol to disinfect your hands and your pen regularly. Be mindful of the surfaces you will be touching as you will be entering a public place. Safety should be your number one priority!

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate Walk-in

PSA follows a NO APPOINTMENT, NO TRANSACTION POLICY. Regular applicants will no longer be catered to without a PSA online appointment. 

For Senior Citizens, PWDs and Pregnant, there is no need to book your appointment online as PSA will cater to your needs through PSA’s Courtesy Lane, provided, that you are applying for your document or that of your legal spouse, children, and parents. Otherwise, you will also have to book your appointment via the online appointment system.

For Liaison Officers of BREQS partners and LCROs, there is also no need to book an online appointment. PSA will follow the status quo.


  • Minors are not allowed to book an appointment.
  • If the requesting party is a duly authorized representative, the original copy of the authorization letter and valid ID must be presented. Provide correct details for applicant/authorized representative.
  • This appointment and scheduling system allocates slots on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Authorized representative is not allowed to delegate another person his/her authority to request for civil registry documents.
  • An authorized representative is only allowed to request for 2 unrelated individuals
  • Securing an appointment is FREE OF CHARGE and CRS appointment slip is non-transferable.

How to book a PSA online appointment

Follow the steps below to book an online appointment at PSA to get your Civil Registry documents: 

Step 1: Access the PSA Online Appointment System

Go to using your internet browser and click Civil Registration Service Appointment System.

How to book PSA Online Appointment in Baguio

Step 1a: Read Privacy Notice

Read through the Privacy Notice and click I Agree. You will be redirected to the next step.

How to book PSA Online Appointment Step 1a

Step 2: Choose the PSA CRS Outlet

Choose the PSA CRS outlet where you would like to set an appointment. If you are in NCR and requesting a PSA certificate that underwent Court Decrees and Legal Instruments for the first time, book an appointment at East Avenue. 

How to book PSA Online Appointment in Baguio step 2

Step 3: Provide personal details

Provide your name, email address, mobile number, working email, and phone number (optional). 

How to book PSA Online Appointment step 3

Step 3a: Enter verification code

The PSA will send a copy of your appointment sheet via email. You will receive a verification code on the email address. Enter the 6-digit verification code on the OTP Verification textbox and click Verify.


Step 4: Select the type of PSA Certificate


Select the type of PSA certificate that you would like to request from the dropdown list. If you are requesting someone else, please indicate their name and your relationship to the certificate owner. If you would like to request more than one certificate, click on Add Another Certificate, then fill in the necessary details.



Step 5: Choose date and time of the appointment

Choose the date and time when you plan to visit your chosen PSA outlet.

Step 6: Verify details

Take note of the important details of the appointment. Double-check that your name, email address, and mobile number on the screen are all accurate. It is important your name matches your ID exactly. Use your complete full name, no initials.

Step 7: Save and/or Print the Appointment Slip

You will receive a copy of your Appointment Slip via email. Please save the PDF file on your phone or print it out. You will need to print the entire form including the QR code. You can also download and fill up the forms in advance for your convenience:

Step 8: Follow your PSA Online Appointment and show up

Go to your chosen PSA outlet on the date of your appointment. Be at the outlet’s premises on time or a few minutes earlier. Bring your own pen and make sure you are protected by a face mask.

What to do on the day of your appointment

    1. Present the CRS Appointment Slip (printed or digital copy) to the Information Marshal for validation purposes.
    2. Pass through the Health and Safety Protocols and present the accomplished Health Declaration Form (HDF).
    3. Get Application Form (AF) and Queue Ticket Number (QTN)
    4. Prepare the Application Form you have just filled up, valid ID/s, supporting documents needed if any, and your payment while waiting for your queue number to be displayed on the display monitor.  Present these documents to the clerk once your number is called. As of June 2022, the cost of one (1) copy of a birth certificate is Php 150.00. Don’t forget to get the receipt and your ID.
  1. Check the Official Receipt (OR), and count the change, if any.
  2. Keep your receipt and your valid ID on standby while waiting for your name to be called. Once your name is announced through the intercom, proceed to the instructed window, present your transaction receipt and valid ID, and you can now get your birth certificate.
  3. Before leaving, make sure to check if the details of the birth certificate you have obtained are correct and if all the documents you have requested are complete.
PSA Baguio releasing and payment counter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to Get PSA Birth Certificate in Baguio City

You can avail of your Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Office (PSA) – CAR Census Serbilis Center located on the Ground Floor of CTTL Building, Brgy. Rizal Monument, Baguio City. It is about 5 minutes away from Burnham Park and is located directly across from the Heritage Mansion Hotel. The PSA-CAR Census Serbilis Center is open Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Can a guardian or a representative request for my birth certificate on my behalf?

According to PSA, if you are the owner of the document and are unable to receive the document, you may authorize a representative to get your birth certificate on your behalf.

What is considered a Valid Identification Card (ID)?

These are the following Valid Identification Cards (ID) which the requester of the document can present during PSA Birth Certificate Application:  

  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Driver’s License
  • 4P’s ID
  • School ID
  • PhilHealth ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Company ID
  • PRC License Card
  • Senior Citizen’s ID
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID
  • TIN Card (with picture)
  • Voter’s ID/Certification
  • OTR (with validated picture and for personal appearance only)
  • Police Clearance (with validated picture)
  • Person with Disability Card
  • Membership ID to a recognized institution

Which is better? Getting the birth certificate online or walk-in application?

Since there is no more walk-in and setting a PSA online appointment could take a few to several days depending on availability, you can also consider applying for a copy of your birth certificate online first before considering physically going to the PSA office. Having documents delivered lessens the risk of being exposed to the virus. If you do decide to go physically, make sure you have a booked appointment. 

For Civil Registration Concerns/inquiries, contact:

PSA-CAR Field Office

 SOURCE: PSA Serbilis

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