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‘Burnham Park as a National Heritage Park’ Bill approved on 3rd and Final Reading

Burnham Park is close to becoming a part of the Philippines’ national heritage as HB 7966 gets approved on the 3rd and final reading in the House of Representatives during the 17th Congress.

Burnham Park

Baguio City’s Burnham Park has been one of the most famous and favorite destinations of both tourists and locals in the city of Baguio. And to those who are not yet aware, the famous park is now composed of cluster areas which have all been part of the city’s culture and development throughout the years. Hence, it is just right to have the park preserved as a national heritage. We have to make sure that the future generations will be able to understand and appreciate the significance of the park in the city’s history.

Benefits once HB No. 7966 is turned into a law

Once HB. No. 7966 becomes a law, Burnham Park will become a national responsibility. This will entail government commitment to the park and there will also be management and training meant for staff development. And most importantly, the park will be subject to responsible tourism.

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