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TS Jenny Intensified into a Typhoon as it moves over the Philippine Sea

Typhoon Jenny, locally known as #JennyPH (KOINU), has intensified into a typhoon over the Philippine Sea. As of 4:00 AM today, the eye of Typhoon Jenny was located approximately 655 km east of Aparri, Cagayan, and 665 km east of Calayan, Cagayan, with coordinates at 17.9°N, 127.8°E.

Key Details:

  • Intensity: The typhoon boasts maximum sustained winds of 120 km/h near its center, with gusts reaching up to 150 km/h. The central pressure is measured at 975 hPa.
  • Movement: Jenny is currently moving in a northwestward direction at a speed of 10 km/h.
  • Extent of Winds: Strong to typhoon-force winds extend outwards up to 560 km from the center.

Tropical Cyclone Wind Signals (TCWS) in Effect:

  • TCWS No. 1: Areas under this signal can expect strong winds with speeds ranging from 39 to 61 km/h. This poses a minimal to minor threat to life and property. The following as under Signal No. 1: Batanes, Babuyan Islands, the eastern portion of mainland Cagayan (Santa Ana, Gonzaga, Buguey, Santa Teresita, Lal-Lo, Baggao, Gattaran, Peñablanca), and the eastern portion of Isabela (Maconacon, Divilacan, Palanan)

Hazards Affecting Land Areas:

  • Heavy Rainfall Outlook: Batanes, Babuyan Islands, and northern parts of mainland Cagayan are forecasted to receive 50-100 mm of rainfall tomorrow. By Wednesday, Batanes could experience 100-200 mm of rainfall, while Babuyan Islands, Ilocos Norte, and northern parts of mainland Cagayan and Apayao could receive 50-100 mm. Elevated or mountainous areas are at a higher risk of flooding and rain-induced landslides.
  • Severe Winds: Areas under Wind Signal No. 1 may experience minimal to minor impacts from strong winds. The highest wind signal expected is Wind Signal No. 2, but the possibility of Wind Signal No. 3 is not ruled out. Jenny’s enhancement of the Southwest Monsoon will also bring gusty conditions to several areas not under any Wind Signal.

Hazards Affecting Coastal Waters:

  • Gale Warning: A Gale Warning has been issued for the coastal waters of Batanes and Babuyan Islands. Mariners are advised to exercise caution, especially those operating smaller vessels.

Track and Intensity Outlook:

  • Movement: Jenny is expected to move northwestward until tomorrow before shifting westward. It is forecasted to make landfall over southern Taiwan by Thursday afternoon or evening and exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) between Thursday evening or Friday morning. A potential landfall or close approach to the Batanes area is still possible, though decreasing in likelihood.
  • Intensity: Jenny is predicted to intensify further and may reach its peak intensity by tomorrow. A weakening trend might begin by mid-Wednesday due to potential dry air entrainment and increased wind shear before its landfall over Taiwan.

Residents, especially those in high-risk areas, are advised to take necessary precautions and follow local officials’ instructions.

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