The Lion roared: Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang Triumphs in ONE Championship Return

In a thrilling return to ONE Championship, Eduard “The Landslide” Folayang emerged victorious against Amir Khan. Representing Lions Nation MMA, a gym he co-founded, Folayang showcased resilience and determination throughout the match.

Folayang vs. Khan ONE Championship

The first round saw Folayang off to a shaky start, but as the bout progressed, he found his rhythm and momentum. A dramatic moment in the second round saw Folayang’s knees buckle after an accidental head clash during an exchange. However, this setback only seemed to ignite a fire within him. Like a wounded lion defending its pride, Folayang unleashed a barrage of punches, demonstrating his ferocity and will to win.

Amir Khan, on the other hand, utilized his youth, speed, and reach advantage to fend off Folayang’s aggressive advances. But by the third round, Folayang’s relentless pressure began to wear Khan down. At 1 minute and 56 seconds into the round, a powerful left from Folayang sent Khan crashing to the canvas. Not wasting any time, Folayang delivered a devastating diving punch, prompting referee Herb Dean to intervene and halt the fight. Khan, clearly overwhelmed, was unable to defend against the onslaught from Folayang.

Watch ONE Fightnight 14 here via their YouTube Channel

Loman vs. Lineker ONE Championship

In another highlight of the evening, the Bantamweight division saw John Lineker of Brazil solidify his position as the number 1 contender. He faced off against Stephen Loman from the Philippines, the number 2 ranked fighter in the division. Loman put up a valiant fight, attempting multiple takedowns. However, Lineker’s defense proved impenetrable, blocking most of Loman’s offensive moves. After rounds of intense action, the judges unanimously declared Lineker the winner.

Both matches showcased the heart, skill, and determination of the fighters, further cementing ONE Championship’s reputation as a premier platform for martial arts excellence.

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