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Probe sought on film crew after breach of protocol

A film crew allowed to shoot in Baguio City composed of a hundred individuals will be subjected to an investigation as the City Mayor of Baguio ordered a probe on the alleged violation of the health protocols and set conditions.

Last month, a film crew, including actor Arjo Atayde was given the permit to shoot a film in Baguio City. According to the City Mayor of Baguio, they were allowed to shoot the film as long as the conditions set are met. According to the post of the Public Information Office of Baguio as indicated by the City Mayor, some of the conditions were:

  • That the film crew will stay within the bubble, which means, going in and out of the city is prohibited at the duration of the shooting.
  • That the film crew will commit to monthly testing.

According to the Mayor, the film crew failed in complying with these conditions as it was found out that some members of the film crew were able to go home and return to Baguio City without passing through the central triage which meant that they were not properly evaluated and tested. The Mayor also mentioned that their commitment to monthly testing was also not complied with.

On Sunday, the film crew was tested and out of all their members ten (10) tested positive for COVID-19, this includes Mr. Atayde. On Monday, Mr. Atayde and his crew left Baguio City without communicating it to the City Mayor, according to the City Mayor himself. The remaining 9 members of the film crew that tested positive are now in isolation and well-guarded as they await another round of swab-testing after five days.

Despite this incident, the Mayor has said that “stricter monitoring of protocols for the next groups that will be conducting their film shooting to ensure that health measures and community quarantine guidelines are observed.”

Source: Public Information Office Baguio City


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