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New Zealand goes into nationwide lockdown after discovering one COVID-19 case

Yesterday, the Health Ministry of New Zealand has announced that a COVID-19 case was discovered in Auckland.

The Ministry of Health of New Zealand, after announcing the discovery of a new case of COVID-19 in Auckland prompted the government to declare a nationwide lockdown. Auckland, where the case was discovered will be going into full lockdown for one week while the rest of New Zealand will go into 3 days full lockdown. According to them, the lockdown’s message is consistent, stay home, save lives, get tested.

The government of New Zealand previously treated this case as a Delta variant case pending the result of the genome sequencing result. Which was a good move on their part, because as of today’s update on the genome sequencing result, it was confirmed that the case is true of the Delta variant.

Patient A and new Cases Discovered

According to the Health Ministry of New Zealand, the patient is a 58-year-old male and was believed to have been infectious since August 12. In a recent post by the Ministry of Health of New Zealand there are 4 more cases that were detected and among them is the workmate of Patient A, while the other three are the contacts of Patient A’s workmate. Further details will be provided during the announcement by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today.

Going into Lockdown

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in her announcement that the country is going into Alert Level 4, considered to be the highest of all Alert levels. During this time, everyone should stay at home, public gatherings are prohibited, public places such are parks, restaurants among others will likewise be closed.

The Prime Minister, however, assured the citizens that their government has planned for this and that going hard and early has worked for the country before.


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