4 Types of Food You Can Still Enjoy in Baguio City During the Rainy Season

During the rainy season here in Baguio City, the perfect thing to do is look for something warm to eat just like soup and coffee. These are the common and first foods that will pop into your mind when it’s raining, right? To make it different, instead of looking for coffee or soup I did a challenge which is to eat foods that are not fit for the rainy season. The timing is so perfect that it rained that day when I did the challenge. Here in Baguio City, you can buy these foods at the public market, but I chose to buy some of the food at Burnham Park so I can eat them while strolling around the tourist spot.

Challenge Started!

Here is the list of foods that I tried.

Ice Cream

While walking around Burnham Park, I start checking on what I should buy first. The first food that popped into my mind is ice cream. I bought this for PHP 25. It’s a combination of Ube and Strawberry flavor. 


For PHP 25, I bought this santol in one of the stalls around Burnham Park. You can choose what to add on it like salt and vinegar.


The singkamas is worth PHP 25 and to make it taste better, you can add salt and vinegar if desired.


Halo-halo is a famous cold dessert for summer, and who’s to say that you can’t enjoy it even if it’s raining? This halo-halo costs PHP 50, a perfect dessert after eating lunch.

Challenge Done!

I enjoyed walking under the rain while eating the foods that are not fit for the rainy season. From ice cream and halo-halo to the sour santol and singkamas dipped with salt and vinegar, all I can say is that the rain or the cold weather should not stop you from eating these foods. If you’re travelling to the city of pines, you can add this not-so-typical foodtrip on your Baguio itinerary.

Dare to do the Challenge?

If you have the guts to do the challenge, it’s all up to you! When you do the challenge make it more exciting, you can add other foods you think that is not fit for the rainy season. Trying the challenge won’t harm you as long as you enjoy it despite the rainy season.

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