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15 Things Baguio City Is Known For

Baguio City is known for many amazing and inspiring things it has to offer for both tourists and locals. A lot of tourists visit the City of Pines throughout the year, regardless of the season and the city never ceases to give them something inspiring to remember the city by. So for those who still haven’t set foot in the City of Pines or for those who are planning to visit again after a long time, here are the 15 things Baguio City is known for!

Note: Due to the pandemic, there are guidelines implemented that must be followed for health and safety precaution. So if you are planning to visit the City of Pines, see to it that you follow the Guidelines Remain to Be Enforced.

Here are the 15 Things Baguio City Is Known For

The Lion’s Head 

kennon road lions head baguio city guide

I am pretty sure that no matter where you are in the Philippines, you’ve already seen the huge Lion’s Head of Baguio City, even in the photos. This iconic statue could be found in one of the main roads to the City of Pines – the Kennon Road. Tourists who are on their way to Baguio City via Kennon Road often stop by at the statue to take photos, and that’s actually okay. There are also souvenir shops just beside the Lion’s Head where tourists can buy different types of pasalubong.

The Cold Weather

Image of the foggy Baguio City Mines View Park view deck.

Baguio City has always been known as one of the cities in the Philippines with cold weather. One of the coldest temperatures that have been recorded in the City of Pines is 7.1°Celsius, which dates back to January 9, 1971, and just in the year 2017, that record has almost been reached yet again when the temperature went down 7.3°Celsius.

This February 2020, Baguio City has experienced its coldest temperature for the year which is 10.5° Celsius. The year 2020 might not be able to beat the current records but 10.5° Celsius sure still is a cold temperature that we can enjoy. So if you’re planning to visit Baguio City, don’t forget to bring with you clothing that could keep you warm during the colder days.

Coffee and Soup

Yes Pho Baguio City Guide

There’s no better way to keep yourself warm during cold days than to sip hot coffee and warm soups. And since the City of Pines is known for its cold weather, hot beverages and delicacies such as coffee and soup. There are many restaurants and cafes here in the city that offers such, so it would be very easy for you to find the right place you would prefer to dine in. 

One of the numerous restaurants in Baguio City that offers both recommended coffee and soup is Yes Pho. Yes Pho is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves a variety of authentic Vietnamese cuisines such as Chicken Pho, Beef Pho, Seafood Pho, Vietnamese coffee, and more!

Baguio Tourist Spots 

wright park baguio city guide

And of course, Baguio City is known for the numerous tourist spots it has to offer. Just at the town alone, there are already a lot of places you can enjoy visiting such as the walkable Session Road, the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral or most commonly known as the Baguio Cathedral, Burnham Park, and more. 

There are also other accessible tourist destinations such as Botanical Garden, Mines View Park, and a lot more! And within Baguio City Camp John Hay alone, there are already a lot of places both tourists and locals may enjoy visiting.

Anything Strawberry-related

When you say Strawberries, Baguio City has become the place on top of mind. No matter where you go in Baguio City, there are just a lot of stores and stalls around the place where you can avail strawberries of different sizes and strawberry delicacies of different types. There are Strawberry Taho, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Cakes, Strawberry Sinigang which could be found at the Mines View Park Hotel, and more! Although do know that strawberries and the ever-popular Strawberry Farm could actually be found in the La Trinidad, Benguet instead of the City of Pines itself. 


Aside from edible strawberry-related eats, there are also a lot of strawberry-related, non-edible crafts such as strawberry knitted shoulder bags, strawberry key chains, strawberry fridge magnets, strawberry wooden sculpture, and a lot more. 

Baguio Panagbenga Festival

Now, this is something you have probably already heard of! The well-known Panagbenga Festival is, of course, one of the best festivals that are annually being celebrated in Baguio City. Panagbenga is a Kankanaey term that stands for “a season for blossoming or a time for flowering.” During the celebration of the Baguio Flower Festival, Panagbenga, different activities such as Session Road in Bloom, Grand Street Parade, and Grand Float Parade, have become a major part of the entire festivity.


Panagbenga has a different theme every year, unfortunately, the 25th Panagbenga Festival this year has been cancelled due to the pandemic. But here’s the 24th Panagbenga that has been held last year with the theme of blooming forward.

Breathtaking Views 

Being situated in a high, mountainous place, Baguio City sure can offer you a variety of breathtaking views and landscapes. Even when you’re on your way up to the City of Pines, whether you’re riding a private vehicle or a bus, you can simply watch the awesome views by the window. Also, when the night comes, you’ll be able to see the stunning night lights, the city has to offer.

Haunted Places 


If you are looking for a city that has countless scary stories and many haunted places surrounding it, well Baguio City is the place to be! Yes, the City of Pines is also known for this kind of thing and you’ll surely be ecstatic to hear it especially if you’re the kind of person who is up for some thrilling adventures and chilling supernatural stories. Some of the haunted places in the City of Pines are the Diplomat hotel, White House, Teacher’s Camp, and more.



There are a lot of Ukay-Ukay areas or Wagwagan here in Baguio City such as Skyworld, Malcolm Square, Hilltop, Bayanihan Center, Baguio City Night Market, and more, where there could be tons of good finds. From clothes, shoes, bags, to plushies, you can get extremely affordable deals that would definitely fall within your allotted budget. What can you buy for a limited budget of 250 pesos? Well, let’s just say a lot!

Horseback Riding 

wright park baguio city guide

Don’t be surprised if you even see a pink-haired horse walking on a sidewalk since horse-back riding is one of the things Baguio City is known for. The most well-known place in the city to experience Horseback Riding adventure is the Wright Park Riding Circle, but do know that you can also enjoy horseback riding at  Camp John Hay. This is the kind of experience you shouldn’t miss if you are in the City of Pines.

Love for Art


Baguio City is a creative city and there are a lot of inspiring artists and groups of artists here who make exceptional works of art. There are many museums and art galleries in the city that showcase art pieces from different local artists.

There’s even a Creative Festival in the city which first started in the year 2018. Last year’s Creative Festival was called EntaCool and during the festival, activities such as art exhibits, handicraft market and fair, workshops, and more have cropped up.

Fresh Vegetables

Baguio Vegetables

Baguio City is known for being a place where you can buy fresh vegetables, whether it be for your kitchen for pasalubong (souvenir). You may find fresh veggies at the Baguio City Public Market. And aside from veggies, other pasalubong can also be found at the market. So, don’t forget to drop by there on your visit.

Pine Trees and Forest Bathing


Pathway at Pines Trees of the World

Pine Trees can be seen all over Baguio City and if you would want to surround yourself with more and more of it, you might want to consider trying forest bathing. Some of the places where you can do forest bathing for free are the Camp John Hay Eco Trail (for a shorter walk) and the Camp Johnhay Yellow Trail (for a longer walk). So if you’re after the fresh air in the City of Pines, better add Camp John Hay on your itinerary.

Rich History and Culture

casa vallejo hotel baguio

Traditional tribal dances, music, and even clothing are still being showcased during festivities such as the Panagbenga festival. Heritage sites such as Casa Vallejo, The keystones of Baguio, session road, and more are also well-preserved up to this date. So if you are looking for a place that is indeed rich in history and culture, Baguio City is one of the best ones for you. 

Baguio City

Baguio City is really an inspiring city that is full of life and definitely is a city where you can forge countless unforgettable memories. When you go to Baguio City, let the city inspire you and give you lasting memories that you will forever cherish. 

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Note: The video clips used are taken before the pandemic.


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