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Things we’d recommend ordering at Bistro By HillStation

Baguio City is truly a melting pot of culture, and much of it is translated into food. Food is a wonderful way to introduce a culture, and our curiosity is always piqued by something new. While we often seek out new culinary experiences, we tend to return to familiar places that offer consistent quality. Finding a restaurant to add to your go-to list can be challenging because it requires trying several places before deciding which one you feel comfortable with, and even then, consistency is key.

Bistro by HillStation has become that reliable spot for us. After visiting this restaurant once or twice a month over several years, we are confident in recommending it, along with its must-try dishes, to our audience. This article is not sponsored or paid for by the restaurant (we don’t even know if they read our blog). We simply want to share information with those who are undecided about where and what to eat in Baguio City. We hope this will narrow your search.

1. Family Breakfast – One of our top recommendations at Bistro By HillStation. If you’re dining at their Camp John Hay branch, we suggest the Chef’s Breakfast or any of their Family Breakfast sets. These are perfect for four people and offer a huge platter with a variety of savory breakfast dishes. From herbed chicken sausage and thick-cut bacon to Filipino breakfast favorites like longganisa and daing na bangus, the Pinoy Breakfast ensemble is a must-try.
Family Breakfast
2. English Breakfast – If the Family Breakfast is too much, the English Breakfast is big enough to satisfy two hungry people. This dish includes bacon, sausage, English muffin, eggs, and beans, making it a hearty and authentic English breakfast experience.
English Breakfast
3. Brunch with Chicken and Waffles – If you arrive too late for breakfast but too early for lunch, we recommend the Chicken and Waffles. The savory herbed fried chicken pairs perfectly with the waffles, and the flavors are enhanced by the sweetness of the butter and maple syrup that come with the dish. The first bite of their chicken reveals a depth of seasoning that sets it apart from typical fried chicken.
Chicken and Waffles
4. Fancy Lunch with Ribs or Roast Beef – For a special lunch treat, their roast beef or pork ribs are a must-try. You can choose either rice or mashed potatoes as a side. While the roast beef is tender and delicious, we prefer the pork ribs because the serving size is more generous.
Roast Beef
5. “Light” Snack with their Burger – Though any of their sandwiches would be a great choice, we often go for the burger. It’s not your typical burger; you can tell the patty is handmade, not mass-produced. You can choose between potato wedges or potato strings as a side. The potato strings are particularly crunchy, adding a delightful texture to your meal.
Burger with Shoestring
6. Dessert with Cheesecake Flan – While many claim that the best dessert at Bistro by HillStation is their “Death By Chocolate,” we find their cheesecake flan to be an excellent choice, especially if you’re not a big fan of chocolate. Filipinos often describe a delicious dessert as “masarap hindi matamis” (delicious, not too sweet), and that perfectly describes the cheesecake flan. It strikes the right balance of sweetness without being overwhelming.
Cheesecake Flan
7. Coffee for a Rainy Afternoon – As the rainy season begins, it’s the perfect time for coffee. Bistro by HillStation does not disappoint in this regard. They offer a slim selection of traditional coffee mixes, from Americano to Spanish latte. While the Americano is perfect for those who prefer their coffee black, the Spanish latte caters to those with a sweet tooth.

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