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Things You Can Do at Burnham Park on a Budget

Burnham Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Baguio City. It is a very good place for recreation for families and friends alike. There are a lot of things both tourists and locals can enjoy during their stay in the park. Boating, biking, skating, jogging, strolling, Zumba, picnic, and simply sitting on a bench and enjoying the scenery are just some of the many things you can do when you make your way to Burnham.

Burnham Park Baguio: Summer Season Vs Rainy Season

During summer season, you can expect the Summer Capital of the Philippines to be packed with tourists. And you could also see locals trolling around and enjoying the presence of the sun. Since Burnham Park is a known destination for both tourists and locals alike, it is also common to see the park loaded with people during summer. More people can be seen paddling their boats within the Burnham Lake. More people can be seen speeding up their bicycles in the biking area. And of course, there will be people who will sit by the green grass as they have fun with their picnic. 

And if you think that there’s nothing else left to do in the park and if you believe that it’s not that ideal to wander at Burnham during the rainy season, then you must haven’t seen the beauty of the park yet during such times. When the rains isn’t heavily pouring or if it just stopped, you can still enjoy strolling around the park and enjoy the ambiance, the chilly weather, and the fog that often comes right after or during the rainfall. But during such season, always bring with you your umbrella just in case the rain starts to pour hard again.


One of the things that you can do in Burnham Park during both summer and rainy season is Boating at the Burnham Lake. Most boats that you can rent at the park have their own built-in roof to protect you just in case the rain pours while you are in the middle of the lake. You might also end up having to experience the sudden appearance of thick fog while you are boating during the rainy season and it is absolutely such a great Baguio experience.


Baguio City Burnham Park Biking area

During summer, biking at Burnham Park is definitely one of the activities you shouldn’t miss. But do know that even in the rainy season, the biking area and the bike stalls are also still open to give you a unique Burnham Park biking experience. Some bicycles have umbrellas or at least a roof, so if it’s just kind of drizzling and the rain isn’t pouring so hard, biking in the biking area is still definitely possible. 

Burnham Bike Rates

Burnham Park Baguio Eats

Rain or shine, there are many food vendors around Burnham Park. So if you happen to get hungry after activities such as boating and biking, you may take a stroll around the park and hunt for some affordable snacks. 

One of the most popular delicacies that you can buy along the park is Taho. Taho is also fit for cold weather during the rainy season since it’s often being sold hot. Prices for these snacks may vary depending on the vendor you’ll avail those products from, but if you want to go on a budget foodtrip at Burnham Park, it would be safe to earmark 100-200 pesos.

Aside from those snacks, there are still other food to choose from, such as ice cream, chicharon,  singkamas, peanut brittles, and more. 

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