Huawei creates AI technology to detect COVID-19

In its effort to help scientists and the rest of the world solve the growing problem on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Huawei has created a technology that will be offered for free to be used in designated medical facilities.

As of now, computed tomography (CT) Scans are being used as a way to detect COVID-19 wherein signs of the disease are being detected through the images of the respiratory system of a certain patient. However, this method has its imperfections and can be tedious.

Huawei’s AI-assisted Scanner

In line with this, Huawei came up with its AI-assisted version of the scanner which will be able to gather more accurate results without requiring too much time and effort.

Here are the main advantages that the AI technology called Huawei Cloud can offer:

  • Automatic detection of lesions in just seconds
  • Increase Diagnosis efficiency by scanning images multiple times
  • Help doctors detect stages of COVID-19 in patients

The use of Huawei Cloud, which makes use of Ascend AI chips, is also one way to help solve the issue of not having enough qualified and trained doctors who are especially needed in trying times like this.

Baguio General Hospital will use Huawei AI-assisted COVID-19 scanner soon

Baguio General Hospital (BGH), with the help of Huawei technical team, the city government and Baguio doctors, will soon be able to use Huawei Cloud to help doctors detect COVID-19 in patients more efficiently.

According to Mayor Benjamin Magalong, “For the past two days, our city, through our Management Information and Technical Division (MITD) under Executive Asst. V Philip Puzon, has been working together with the technical team of Huawei and Baguio doctors to set up the system in BGH. It will be the first of its kind in the country.”

“Unlike the current screening test kits which would take 4-5 days, the AI system only takes 2 minutes. Hopefully, it will be up and running by Monday or Tuesday. Test runs ongoing,” the city mayor added.

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