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COVID-19 Patient in Baguio Discloses Identity

A patient who has tested positive for coronavirus in Baguio City decided to disclose her identity for the sake of contact tracing today through a post released by the Public Information Office of Baguio City.

Tiza Bedey is an elementary school teacher and is on her way to recovery from the disease. Bedey recounts her experience that led to her discovery that she has contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to Bedey, she accompanied her daughter to the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) triage on July 27 for a swab as she felt weak. Because she also experienced symptoms of colds and loss of smell, Bedey also got herself swab tested. When the results came out, her daughter’s results came out, but unfortunately, hers came out confirming that she had COVID-19.

Bedey decided to come forward and heed Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s call for COVID-19 patients to reveal their identities to the public for faster and more efficient contact tracing. She appeals to all of those whom she may have had in contact with earlier than her date of testing (July 28, 2020) to have themselves checked especially if they are feeling flu-like symptoms.

Bedey is currently in a quarantine facility and is awaiting to be discharged after the 14-day  protocol.

Here’s the full statement:

Upon hearing from the doctor that I am COVID-19 positive, I felt faint, emotionally drained and my knees weakened. But I anchored myself on God’s words: “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”-Hebrews 13:5. Thus I was strengthened waking up every morning and thanking God for every breath He has blest me with. I am Tiza Bedey, an elementary school teacher and a recovering COVID-19 patient. I am presently in a quarantine facility awaiting to be discharged after the 14-day protocol.

Last July 27, I accompanied my daughter to the BGHMC triage for a swab as she felt weak. I had a swab myself due to symptoms of colds and loss of smell. My daughter had negative results, I did not. I am revealing my identity to help in the contact tracing program of Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

My family, work and churchmates have been checked with the results out already. I call on persons whom I have met, talked to or dealt with earlier than July 28 (the date of my swab), to have themselves checked

More specially if they had fever, colds, or flu-like symptoms. My residence was disinfected and the barangay on lockdown but thereafter lifted. Truly, the quarantine period has allowed me much-needed rest and regain immunity against this virus. I urge fellow patients to draw strength from their faith and use this isolation/quarantine time to reflect on important things other than this virus.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which threatens each one’s normal flow of life, a great portion of our healing comes from prayers, moral support, encouraging words and acts of kindness from the community, from our own neighborhood, from our workplaces and even virtual supporters. They helped lessen anxiety levels, boost optimism into our wavering spirits and unburdened (us of) emotional stress of having the virus.


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