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Sunken US warship “deepest shipwreck” found off PH

Explorers have found the new world’s deepest shipwreck in the depths of the Philippine Sea.

The wreck of the US Navy destroyer USS Samuel B. Roberts or “Sammy B” was discovered last week by an expedition led by Caladan Oceanic founder Victor Vescovo.

In a statement by Vescovo and EYOS Expeditions, the wreck rests at a depth of 6,895 meters (22618.11 feet), rendering Sammy B the deepest shipwreck ever identified and surveyed. The ship was found from bow to stern, broken into two pieces at a distance of 10 meters from each other.

The discovery was the conclusion of a series of six dives over eight days from June 17th to 24th. On the second day of the search, sonar data led to the discovery of a triple 21-inch torpedo tube, positively identified as Sammy B’s. According to the explorers, up until that discovery, historical records of where the shipwreck lay were not very accurate.

Torpedo tubes of the Sammy B wreck 

USS Samuel B. Roberts was one of the warships that took part in the Battle off the coast of Samar Island in October 1944. It was part of the larger Battle of Leyte Gulf against the Japanese occupation, which was said to be one of the largest naval battles in world history.

“It was an extraordinary honor to locate this incredibly famous ship, and by doing so, have the chance to retell her story of heroism and duty to those who may not know of the ship and her crew’s sacrifice. In difficult times, it’s important to reflect on those who sacrificed so much, so willingly, in even more difficult times to ensure our freedoms and way of life.” Victor Vescovo said in a statement.

Prior to Sammy B’s discovery, the USS Johnston held the title of the world’s deepest known shipwreck, lying at a depth of 21,180 ft (6,456 m). It was also found by Vescovo’s team aboard the same DSV Limiting Factor submersible in October 30, 2019.

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