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Stay Fit and Healthy while in Baguio

No matter where you’re planning to spend your vacation, you have to stay fit and healthy so that you can truly enjoy the trip. And if you are thinking about spending it in Baguio City, you have to make sure that you bring with you your jackets, coats, bonnets, and scarfs.

In addition to this reminder, we have good news for you. Because aside from tourist attractions that you can visit here in Baguio, there are lots of fitness activities that you can do with your family and enjoy.


Jogging has been a part of the daily routine of many fitness buffs residing here in the City of Pines. You’d see many of them jogging at around 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. Good thing is, you can also do this with your family when you visit Baguio City and there’s a lot of places where you can jog. You can do it around Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Mines View area or even along South Drive.


Not too far from Baguio City, you can also another activity to stay fit and healthy. You and your family can hike through mountain trails like Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet. What’s good about it is that you can reach the place with one jeepney ride from the Central Business District of Baguio. To go there, you have to ride a jeepney at the Ampucao jeepney station or those bound for Samoyao, both found along Lakandula Street.


If you are kind of sporty, you can go biking around Baguio City too. You can actually find several bike trails here in the City of Pines but the common ones are around Burnham Park and trails in Camp John Hay including the Yellow Trail.

Forest Bathing

Many of us are not yet familiar with the concept of Forest Bathing though it is kind of simple and is definitely a good way to stay fit and healthy. Forest Bathing is a way of healing, a therapy done by being in the forest. And otherwise known as Shinrin-Yoku Forest Medicine, the term Shinrin-Yoku means  “taking in the forest atmosphere” or “forest bathing.”

You can do forest bathing in Baguio City for free and do it along several trails in Camp John Hay like the Yellow Trail and Eco Trail. Though it would be better to ask about the trails first – the distance, exit points (if there are several) and what you need to bring along with you.


Though there are some groups dancing Zumba in their respective barangays, you’d see a lot of  people, mostly women, doing it in Burnham Park every morning. And if you’re into dancing more than the usual forms of exercise, this one’s perfect for you. At both ends of the lake, you will see several groups gather for this and you can choose to join any of them (with some of them charging very minimal fees like PHP20.00 or so).

Make your vacation worthwhile. Stay fit and healthy.

Now that you’re aware of such activities that you can actually do in Baguio to stay fit and healthy, you can truly enjoy your stay here without worrying about catching colds or generally getting sick because of the cold weather.

Have tried any of the activities mentioned above while in Baguio? Share your experiences by commenting below.

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