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Inside The Eco-Trail At Camp John Hay

6 Things To Do at Camp John Hay

Camp John Hay has been a huge part of the history of Baguio City, serving as a military post and a place of refuge for troops in the 1900’s. And now, it continues to serve as a haven not for troops but for locals and tourists who want to spend some time off from the daily demands of life.

So if you are planning to visit Baguio City, you shouldn’t miss the experience of visiting Camp John Hay.

Camp John Hay Activities for Family & Other Group Visits

Here are six activities that you can try in several parts of Camp John Hay.

Nature-oriented Activities


  • Admission Fee – FREE

If you want to spend some time closer to nature and do some exercise, you can hike along the Yellow Trail or the Eco Trail.

This photo shows the entrance to the Forest Bathing Trail and a part of the trail itself.


  • Rates
    • PHP 70.00 per head
    • Children 2 years old and below are free of charge

If you are fascinated with butterflies and want to learn more about some of its beautiful varieties, you can visit the Butter Sanctuary.

This photo shows the front view of the Butterfly Sanctuary.

Sports for Kids and Adults Alike


  • Rates
    • Bike – PHP 100.00/hour
    • GoKart – PHP 100.00/30 minutes

If you want to do a little race with your friends or family members, you can ride GoKarts together. If not, you can just choose from their bikes.


  • Rate
    • PHP 200.00 per head
  • One round – 18 holes
  • Reminders
    • Damaged/lost putters & golf balls
      • Putter – PHP 2,000.00 each
      • Golf Ball – PHP 15.00 each

If you want to play golf with your family or friends, there’s a Mini Golf that you can go to within the area.

This photo shows the entrance to the Mini Golf area.

The Mini Golf also looks cute with animal stone figures which make it perfect for children and their parents.



  • Rates
    • Standard – PHP 75.00
    • BLISTT (Baguio, La Trinidad, Itogon, Sablan, Tuba,Tublay) Residents – PHP 48.00
    • Senior Citizens/Students/PWDs – PHP 36.00
    • Photoshoot Fee – PHP 1000.00
  • What you’ll see in the Historical Core

If you are interested about history and want to learn about a bit of Baguio’s history, particularly CJH, you can visit the Historical Core.

This photo is a collage of things to see in the Historical core.
The Cemetery of Negativism, Bell House, Bell Amphitheater and Historical Trail.



  • Rates
    • Table
      • PHP 200.00 per table (maximum of 3 hours)
      • PHP 300.00 per table (whole day)
    • Cabana
      • Small
        • PHP 400.00 (maximum of 3 hours)
        • PHP 600.00 (whole day)
      • Big
        • PHP 600.00 (maximum of 3 hours)
        • PHP 800.00 (whole day
    • Picnic grounds
      • PHP 15.00 per person
    • Overnight Camping
      • PHP 300.00 per person

NOTE: For reservations, visit Camp John Hay Development Corporation’s office or contact them at 442-5783.

For celebrations like birthdays, Christmas or Thanksgiving parties, and simple gatherings, picnic grounds in the area are also available.

This is a photo of the picnic grounds where you'll see people having a picnic, either on the ground or table.

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