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Live To Move: A Wellness Party In Baguio City

The conveniences that are brought about by technology may be beneficial and detrimental at the same time. The conveniences that it provides, of course, makes our life a lot easier as compared to when modern technology wasn’t in the mainstream. However, it is also detrimental and one of the main reason is it makes us move a lot less than before. Moving or engaging in some form of exercise is needed by our body to burn unwanted calories, lose weight and prevent any illnesses that are brought about by a sedentary lifestyle.

Live To Move or Move To Live

fwd live to move coaches toni and jim saret

Coaches Toni and Jim Saret

Having a lifestyle that involves regular exercise along with a balanced diet are one of the effective ways in having a healthy body. However, there might be a lot of reasons why we do not engage in exercise, one of the main reasons would be the lack of time in a day. We are engaged in too many activities in a day trying to balance work, family and our personal life that we sometimes are unable to squeeze in fitness or exercise in our schedule. What if you are offered an exercise program that allows you to burn 2000 calories by just exercising for 4minutes at 10 repetitions? All in all, that would only amount to an hour of exercise, which already include your water break. Would you take it? I know we would!

FWD Live To Move

fwd live to move baguio

Baguio folks are moving to live or live to move?

The Live to Move program is a collaborative effort to encourage Filipinos to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising or by “moving”. To introduce this program, FWD Insurance, and Wellness coaches Jim and Toni Saret organized Live To Move: The First Wellness Party in the Philippines. Today, May 14, 2016, the Wellness party was introduced to the people of Baguio. Lots of people attended the first wellness party at the Rambakan Drive of SM City Baguio. Aside from the freebies, they were treated to an hour of sweat busting exercises with four minutes intervals. The FWD Motion is the program developed by Coach Jim and Toni Saret where a 4-minute workout would have an effect of an hour workout. The FWD Motion is composed of four (4) primary movements namely the Jump, Squat, Push, and Lunge.

What Is FWD?

FWD is a Hongkong-based insurance company whose primary purpose is to breathe new life into the Insurance industry, by offering creative yet easy to understand products. It anchors itself on its strong financial position and its creative products and customer service which is supported by digital technologies. FWD is perfect for the millennial on the go and also for the not-so-millennial who require an insurance product that is easy to understand.

Start To Live To Move

So are you ready to take your wellness to the next level? Do not let the lack of time be the reason for not taking that first step to wellness. Start to Live To Move or start moving to live. For more information about FWD Live To Move, visit their website at livetomove.ph.

FWD Live To Move Wellness Party Baguio




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