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For The Love Of Art, Culture and History

Baguio City is said to be an artists’ haven, a melting pot of cultures and a city rich history. The people of Baguio City are passionate about the preservation of these in addition to the preservation of the City’s natural beauty. One man took his passion for the arts, culture and history to the next level by preserving artworks and items of cultural and historical significance in his Media and Animation Studio or also known as the Media Newseum, a place he built on top of his family home. This man is Joel Arthur Tibaldo or known to his friends and acquaintances as Art Tibaldo.


Sir Art Tibaldo

Where it all began

As a young man who loved art and wanted to pursue his passion, Art Tibaldo found the art in journalism that later sprung into the love for culture especially the Cordilleran culture. Art Tibaldo is one of the most respected men in the journalism eye of Baguio City and in the Cordillera Administrative Region. His contributions paved the way for up-and-coming journalists and writers to explore media while still incorporating art and culture.


Passion for Media and the Arts

Art Tibaldo’s story of being a shy and withdrawn student to a media man with a big voice is truly inspiring. His passion and advocacy in creating the Media Museum are firmly rooted in his love for art and media. The museum showcases artifacts and gadgets that present the evolution of media from bulky cameras to handy cameras and everything in between. The evolution of media also encompasses the ancient times where samples of the Papyrus, not the font, but the ancient type of paper where people would draw and write on. From that early stage, it is amazing to witness the phenomenal evolution of media and its tools through the Media and Animation Museum.


Artwork on Papyrus

His Challenge to the Youth

Millennials of this era will truly appreciate the tough times that media men and women have to go through in order to get access to news and have it delivered across the country. A visit to the Newseum will take the visitors back to the old days and for the youth to be thankful for the conveniences their gadgets bring. Thus, Art Tibaldo challenges the youth to a major throwback challenge. Explore your grandparent’s or parent’s room and explore the old pictures and items and upload it online. Share the history behind it and you will be surprised at people’s reactions. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn more about your family along the way, too.


A working relic at the Media Newseum

Social Media today has its advantages and disadvantages but the highlight should be on the good side. Use its power to connect and for people to realize the importance of the past to present and later, the future.

More to see at the Media Newseum

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