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November 19, 2020

On November 19, 2020 Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong issued an Advisory “On Temporary Restricted Access between Baguio City and the Municipalities of La Trinidad, Tuba, Tublay, and Sablan”. Within the said advisory, it was stated that the agreement will be implemented beginning on November 21, 2020 until December 4, 2020, covering the entry and exit point of La Trinidad and Tuba, respectively.

November 20, 2o2o

Following the release of the advisory, the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio on November 20, 2o2o, explained that the restriction is to scale up the COVID testing and control systems in neighboring towns.

The same restriction was implemented in the Municipality of Itogon from November 3 to 15, 2020 when cases in the town spiked, and according to Mayor Magalong, the restriction was proven effective. Thus, Baguio City also applied the same temporary restriction with La Trinidad, Tuba, Tublay and Sablan.

Mayor Magalong explained that the border restriction is meant to mitigate the spread of infection by limiting inter-municipal movement. Moreover, it will also give time for the LGUs to implement expanded testing.

“As members of the BLISTT it goes without saying that we will all extend the necessary and vital assistance to each other to ensure that expanded testing is conducted.”

– Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong

Changes in the Advisory

On the same day, November 20, 2020, an update from the City Mayor’s Office was published by the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio. The update contains some changes in the advisory on border protocols with La Trinidad, Sablan Tuba and Tublay. And below are the following changes as provided by the PIO Baguio.

  1. Medical Certificates as stated in Paragraphs 1 (c) and 2 (c) shall be required beginning on 26 November 2020 and onwards until 4 December 2020. These may be issued by a physician from a public or private health care facility or health office, and need only state that the worker or employee is not a suspect, probable, or possible COVID-19 case, and has not exhibited flu-like symptoms in the last 5 days;
  2. In addition to health workers, members of the City/Provincial/Municipal Contact Tracing Teams, and members of the AFP, PNP, and BFP, members of the Provincial or Municipal COVID-19 Task Force shall be exempt from checkpoint requirements;
  3. Cargo of food and other goods, logistics services, and utilities for water, electricity, fuel products, ICT, telecommunications, and waste management shall be afforded unhampered passage, but may be subject to random inspection at our checkpoint.

November 21, 2o2o

The PIO Baguio on November 21, 2o2o, said that the BLISTT executives and the agencies heading the Regional Task Force have agreed on amplified measures against the spread of the virus. And according to City Administrator Bonifacio Dela Peña who was Mayor Magalong’s representative in the meeting, the LISTT Mayors committed to do the following:

  • Implement expanded and targeted testing aggressively
  • Establish isolation and quarantine facilities to cater to their own constituencies
  • Continue contract-tracing efforts

Baguio City, on the other hand, pledged to help the municipalities enhance their data analysis. Thus, after the meeting, it was decided that the plan to impose temporary border restriction measures on LISTT will continue.

Furthermore, on the same day, the “Amendment to the Advisory on Temporary Restricted Access Between Baguio City and the Municipalities of La Trinidad, Sablan, Tublay, and Tuba, Dated 19 November 2020” was published by the PIO Baguio. The revisions stated in the amendment were the changes they have disclosed on November 20, 2o2o.

And on November 22, 2020, the Public Information Office of the City of Baguio reiterated the changes in the abovementioned advisory.

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