#InclusiveBaguio: Tactile Tiles On City Sidewalk

#InclusiveBaguio: Tactile Tiles On City Sidewalk

Tactile Tiles On Baguio City Sidewalk

Along Bonifacio Road Tactiles.

Tactile Tiles Along Bonifacio Road

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the city government of Baguio City has recently installed tactile tiles on a sidewalk along the Upper Bonifacio Street, Baguio City. The purpose of tactile tiles or tactile pavements is to make textured ground surfaces to give assistance to blind or visually impaired pedestrians. Different tactile tile patterns would indicate different meanings or warnings.

Tactile Tiles: Baguio City Inclusive Effort

Tactile Tiles Along Bonifacio Road

This is an inclusive effort from the local government of Baguio City for the residents who are in need of the assistance these tactile tiles could provide. Since the City of Pines is a walkable city, it could be best enjoyed by foot. With tactile tiles to aid the persons with disabilities within our community, they will also be able to have a better journey around the City of Pines.

Tactile Tiles: Safer Stroll Around the City

Tactile Tiles Along Bonifacio Road

After this COVID-19 pandemic is over, when everyone can already go out of their homes without restrictions, may all of us be able to relish a safer stroll around the city. But while the pandemic is still in existence and while the ECQ or the GCQ is still implemented, it would be better that we all stay at home in the meantime and follow the guidelines implemented by the city and national government. The walk outside, whether it be for errands, tour, travel, or even exercise, can wait.

Stay at home and stay safe everyone. With everyone’s effort and collaboration, we’ll get through this and we’ll all heal as one.

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