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7 Fitness Activities You Can Do At Burnham Park

Burnham Parks comes alive early in the morning not because of tourists or park-goers but because of fitness enthusiasts. For residents, Burnham Park is the place where you go in order to get that much-needed physical exercise. From walking around Burnham lake, the fitness activities at Burnham park evolved from individual fitness activities to group fitness activities. Here are seven fitness activities you can do at Burnham Park.

  1. Walking – for those looking for a low-intensity workout, the rectangular-shaped walkways around Burnham lake provides you a venue not only to walk around and count how many laps you have accomplished around the lake but also allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake on one side and the grass and flowers on the other side. If you are up for it, you can also stop by the rose garden to smell or admire the roses.
  2. Walking Fitness Activity at Baguio Burnham Park

    The Walk Meter Chart at Burnham Park Baguio City

  3. Jogging – kick your fitness activity a notch by jogging around Burnham lake. If you really want to go the distance, jog around the pathways adjacent to the biking area as it has a bigger perimeter compared to the pathways around Burnham lake. Of course, you can always visit the Baguio Athletic Bowl for a jog around the oval track but if you want to be around trees and see some sceneries while jogging, Burnham park is for you.
  4. Burnham Park Fitness Activities Jogging

  5. Biking – exercise your core and especially your legs by renting out a bicycle at the Burnham Park biking area. While most people see this as a recreational activity, one hour of cycling around the Burnham park biking area will burn a significant amount of calories.
  6. Burnham Park Fitness Activities Biking

    Cycling will exercise your core and your legs

  7. Boating – before you get on a boat, decide which part of your body would you like to focus on exercising. Why? This is because it will help you decide what type of boat at Burnham lake will you be renting out. If you want to exercise your core and arms then rent a paddle boat. If you want to train your core and legs then the pedal swan boats are for you. Either way 30 minutes to one hour doing this fitness activity will help burn more calories.
  8. The Swan Boats at Burnham Park

    Riding Burnham Park Swan Boats will exercise your core and legs

  9. Zumba – If you are into a high-intensity workout then choose from the different Zumba groups around Burnham Park. This community activity has transformed Burnham Park into a vibrant fitness hub, especially in the morning. Burn those calories and sweat out those toxins by joining a Zumba group at Burnham Park. No membership is required but of course, a fee is collected after the workout.
  10. Zumba at Burnham Park Baguio City

    One of the several zumba groups at Burnham Park

  11. Fishing – is the newest activity at Burnham Park. While some would doubt that fishing is a fitness activity, health experts would categorize it as a low-impact fitness activity. The repeated casting and reeling among other activities involved in fishing already exercise the core and arms. Standing while waiting for a bite is in itself an activity that burns off calories. Aside from getting fit, fishing also helps you mentally by sharpening your focus.
  12. Fishing at Burnham Park Baguio City

    Fishing is the newest fitness activity at Burnham Park Baguio City

  13. Boxing and Martial Arts – Burnham Park is also the training ground of Baguio City’s local Boxing and Martial Arts athletes and enthusiasts. Every morning you see groups of boxers in one corner of Burnham Park practicing their moves. Sometimes you can also see a group of senior citizens practicing their tai-chi. The best part? If you are a boxer or martial artist, you can find a corner at Burnham park where you can practice your shadow boxing or practice your martial arts moves.
  14. Boxing

    A group of Boxing athletes practicing their moves at Burnham Park

Aside from being a tourist spot in Baguio City, Burnham Park offers a lot more not only for tourists but most especially for the residents of Baguio City. This is why everyone must do their part in preserving the beauty and cleanliness of Burnham Park, small contributions like properly disposing of your trash in the trash bins around Burnham Park will go a long way in preserving Burnham park a fitness haven.

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