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5 Reasons Why Baguio is one of the Best Places to Study

Baguio City has long been known as the education center of the North. Every year, a lot of young people come from different nearby provinces to study in Baguio because they believe that they’d receive good education in the city. But what makes Baguio one of the best places to study in the Philippines?

1. Undeniably good weather



One of the things that students might put into consideration when choosing among the best places to study is the weather. Why? Simply because, it affects their daily routine in one way or another.

Just imagine going out to do some research (or field work) on a very hot day. It definitely won’t do you any good and will just add up to the pressure and stress that you might be feeling.

On the bright side of things, there’s a place where you don’t have to suffer like that. In Baguio City, you can walk a long way without worrying about such and of course, you’d also get to rock your outfit even when wearing your jacket, bonnet and your scarf.

2. Availability of Co-working Spaces



Now that there are co-working spaces here in Baguio City, it is a lot easier to look for a place where students can work on their group projects.

And aside from offering a comfortable ambiance, most co-working spaces offer free WIFI and coffee on top of amenities that you can use. Also, there are some spaces with board games for customers to enjoy.

3. Student-friendly Cafes



Sometimes, students are too busy to take breaks. So, the best place you can go and do two things at a time – eat and finish your homework or research – is a cafe.

Here in Baguio there are a lot of cafes that students can choose from. And with a lot of them being student-friendly in nature, you can enjoy a cozy ambiance, good coffee and food (plus free WIFI for some), while working on school stuff or just chilling out with your friends after a long day from school.


4. Accessibility



Baguio City has the perfect location – being accessible to nearby regions. And such accessibility to the city that thrives with excellent universities truly makes it the center of education in the North.


5. Feeling of Belongingness



When you choose to study in Baguio, you won’t have to feel like an outsider because the city is a beautiful melting pot of different cultures locally and internationally.

Aside from this, Baguio City, being one of UNESCO’s creative cities, has a lot to offer and has been working on the promotion of local arts and crafts. From this, you can surely take something while also giving what you can from your hometown.


Baguio is the place to be

Education is meant to be a fun learning journey. And choosing the best place to study surely makes a difference on how things will be, for every student.

So if you’re in the stage of choosing among best places to study in the Philippines, after reading this, you might find yourself eyeing the City of Pines to be your home in the next years to come as you continue with your studies.

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