UK in Baguio

Being the Summer Capital of the Philippines, many people love Baguio not only because of the cold weather, historical landmarks, tourist spots, locally made products, and sweet delicacies. Now, people keep on coming back to experience the famous ukay-ukay shopping in the city. Locally, some call it ukay-ukay while others use the word wagwag and wagwagan referring to the place. Here’s a guide of famous thrift spots you shouldn’t miss!

1. Skyworld

This ukay-ukay center is located at Lower Session Road, Baguio City, in front of Prime Hotel. It has three floors full of secondhand to branded clothes, bags, shoes and more! The cost might get pricey due to its brand and authenticity but other stalls offer low price depending on what they are selling.

2. Malcolm Square

Some might not be familiar with the place because of its location beside U-need Grocery but it is one of the cheapest that sells great deals ukay-ukay complex in the City. It is surrounded by thrift shops and one of them is an entire floor that sells second-hand sandals, boots, and rubber shoes. They sell trousers and pants 3 for 50 Php only! Another great spot you should visit are the stairs way up where you can see the mound of clothes ranging from 20 Php to 50 Php.

3. Hilltop

The widest wagwagan you can find in Baguio located beside and inside of Baguio Public Market. You can find here thick coats for 50 Php each, pants and trousers for only 80 Php, and dresses being sold for 80 Php to 180 Php in good conditions. Be patient in looking for some are branded like Zalora, H&M, Penshoppe, Mossimo and more which are being sold for only less than 100 Php. You can also find here shoes, boots and sandals ranging from 50 Php to 200 Php. Some stalls are selling blouses for 3 for 50 Php and you can also find t-shirts for only 5 Php!

4. Bayanihan Center

One of the oldest thrift shop in town which has 4 floors full of branded and secondhand good shops. The price here is also pricey like in Skyworld which most of it are authentic bags and shoes. But you can find clothes that are in good conditions for cheap prices. You can also find toys, gadgets, cookware, accessories for cameras, home decors and more which are still functioning and in good condition. Make sure to roam the whole place for you to find nice items that are cheap, rare and authentic.

5. Harrison Night Market

Your UK in Baguio won’t be complete if you haven’t tried to buy things in the night market. The vendors set up their items from 9 PM to 12 PM, so be ready and careful in finding items that you might like because of the number of people who go their increases every minute making the place crowded. You can find jackets for sale for only 50 Php each or 3 for 100 Php which is good for the cold weather nowadays. Some vendors sell souvenir items like keychains for 20 Php per piece. The night market offers a lot of things that you can choose from, like secondhand to brand new clothes, shoes, and bags.

The holidays might already be done but it’s still not too late to buy something for yourself and love ones. In finding good deals, be PATIENT and look properly because some stuff is sometimes hidden under those pile of items. Your ukay-ukay experience will surely be unforgettable with these thrift shops that you shouldn’t miss. So, ready your bags now!

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  1. A lot of good deals can be found in these places in Baguio! Definitely worth your money. Will definitely come back!

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