5 Captivating Proofs of Baguio City’s Unfailing Beauty

Baguio City will never lose its charm. And just like other place that have their own identity, the City of Pines stays true to its name.

Aside from the temperature that definitely excites tourists every time it makes a remarkable drop, it is the feeling of being closer to nature that makes people want to stay in Baguio.

And though some might think that a lot has changed in Baguio City, one thing is for sure, it remains to be a beautiful city that is wonderfully decorated with pine trees and all others.

So if you’re wondering where you can have the chance to enjoy Baguio City in its simplest nature, with all the pines trees hovering around you and the cool breeze embracing you, there’s actually several places that you can go to.

Burnham Park

Found at the heart of Baguio, Burnham Park is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the city. It is definitely a favorite of many because it offers a lot of activities for all kinds of visitors.

Families can hold picnics at designated areas and do several things like boating, biking and playing at Children’s Park, which is found near the biking area. You can also go skating at the rink or go for rides in the mini carnival that is found in the same space.

It is also a place perfect for fitness buffs because you can jog or walk around in Burnham Park. Aside from this, the park also caters to groups who do Aerobics and Zumba.

But what makes this place irresistible is that, even though it is found right at the city center, it is filled with trees and different kinds of flowering plants. This characteristic definitely stands for Baguio City’s beauty.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is one of the biggest areas, aside from Burnham Park, that provides rest and a wonderful experience to visitors while preserving the beauty of nature in Baguio City. Some of the few things you can do here are to have a picnic, take photos of the awesome replicas of gardens and others.

Aside from featuring representations of remarkable gardens around the world, it is largely covered with vegetation that gives its visitors the feeling of being one with nature.

Sunshine Park

Sunshine Park may not be as famous as Burnham Park but it is still charming on its own. This park is located near schools, serves as a haven for teachers or students seeking rest away from the pressure they feel during their classes.

One can enjoy going through its walkways while taking in the view of beautiful flowers and varieties of plants and trees.

Aside from the peace that this beautiful park offers, it also serves as a venue for cultural shows and practices of held by students for future performances.

Panagbenga Park

Named after the famous Pangbenga festival, this park features a lot of flowers and plants beautifully arranged into mini landscapes. You can also see a bonfire area at one side of the park and animal statues forming a flower if you look at them from a higher point of view.

This park was created to showcase flowers in Baguio and to serve as a living reminder of the successful yearly celebration of the festival.

And Since it is relatively small, this place is best for people who just want to find a place to rest while enjoying the view and eating or drinking their favorite coffee or tea at the small coffee shop, designed like a small hut, located inside the park.

Wright Park

Yes, this place is meant for horseback riding. Though we may have always overlooked how beautiful this place is just on its own. With all the lush vegetation hovering over the place, it is much like what Baguio is loved and known for.

And being part of the city’s rich history makes the place even more special.

All the parks mentioned above are individually beautiful in their own ways but one thing they have in common is that they are all reasons why Baguio City is truly one of a kind.

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