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Walk Meter Challenge in Baguio City

Why use any of the public transportation when you can just walk? Here in Baguio City, you can arrive at your destination by just walking. Yes, that is possible here in the City of Pines because I experienced it myself. I just did a challenge, Walk Meter Challenge,  where I walked from Burnham Park going to Mines View Park.

Walk Meter Chart

Here in Baguio City, we have a walk meter chart posted in six tourist destinations which are Burnham Park, Upper Session Road, Botanical Garden, Wright Park, Mansion House, and Mines View Park. In the Walk Meter Chart, the total kilometers from Burnham Park to Mines View is six kilometers. The most part here is that a total of 180 calories will be burned if you walk from Burnham Park to Mines View Park but the calories burned will vary per individual. Also, part of the challenge is to record the total number of my steps from Burnham Park to Mines View Park. 

Walk Meter Challenge Destination

Following the walk meter chart, I have six destinations to complete the challenge. Here are the six locations indicated in the walk meter chart.

Burnham Park

The starting point of the Walk Meter Challenge. Before you start the challenge, you can stroll first at Burnham Park and try the activities such as boating, biking, indoor skating and many more.

Upper Session Road

The second destination. A 1.5-kilometer walk from Burnham Park to Upper Session Road burning 45 calories. Walking is tiring that while you are at Session Road you can buy some water and snacks. Unlucky that day, it unexpectedly rained that I have to stop over for almost one hour before resuming. That’s why you need to be ready and always bring an umbrella with you.

Botanical Garden

The third destination. A 1.5-kilometer walk from Upper Session Road to Botanical Garden burning a total of 45 calories. Along the way you can pass by at the Laperal White House and Teachers Camp, these are the places you can also check. 

Wright Park

The fourth destination. A half-kilometer walk from Botanical Garden to Wright Park you can burn 20 calories. To be able to arrive at the next destination I have to walk the long stairs going up and this is my first time doing it. The walk going up for me is tiring yet so wonderful that I was able to arrive at the top.

Mansion House

The fifth destination. A one-kilometer walk from Wright Park to Mansion House burning 15 calories. It’s just beside Wright Park and arriving at the place you will be able to have a photo with the Mansion House.

Mines View Park

Finally! The last destination. A 1.5-kilometer walk from the Mansion House going to Mines View Park can burn 45 calories. Arriving at the last destination, you will be welcomed by the beautiful view of mountains. It’s foggy when I arrived at the park, don’t miss to take a photo and have the fog as your background.

Walk Meter Challenge Completed

After walking for two hours under the rain, I survived the Walk Meter Challenge! Walking around Baguio is possible and doable. So, it is best to tour the city by walking and you won’t miss a thing. Also, based on the application I used to record my steps from Burnham Park to Mines View Park, I have a total of 10,298 steps. Not only did I complete the challenge but I was able to see what is around the city and burn 180 calories.

Are you ready to take the Walk Meter Challenge?

If you are up to do the Walk Meter Challenge here in Baguio City and lose 180 calories then you can freely do it. To make the challenge more exciting, finish it together with your family or friends. The challenge does not only help us become healthy but it’s a great opportunity to bond with our loved ones.

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