Mines View Park Baguio City

Mines View Park can be considered as a tourist spot in Baguio City that is known to different generations. Each generation has its own memory of Mines View Park. Indeed, this park is one of the oldest tourist destinations in the City of Pines. The park is divided into different components, the observation deck, the shopping, and dining grounds and the picture taking and souvenir area. The components are according to how we observed the tourist activities flow.

Mines View Park History

While there is little data present on the history of Mines view park in Baguio City. We can gather from experiences throughout time by different generations. During the 1970’s, the park had one attraction and that is the children catching coins/money thrown by tourists at the bottom of the observation deck. However, due to accidents, the city government banned this practice to ensure the safety of everyone.

The park was named primarily because the observation deck overlooks the old gold and copper mining town of Itogon. Today, however, people go to the observation deck to witness the sunrise over the mountains of the Cordillera region.

Things to do in Mines View Baguio

There are several components of this popular park in Baguio City. These different components allow for several activities which one can enjoy while at the park.

  • Shop – The first component, just adjacent to the park is the shopping area. Due to the popularity of mines view in Baguio, the park is surrounded by commercial establishments. Here, you can shop for souvenir items, like products made from the Cordilleras, and food items “pasalubong” like strawberry jams, peanut brittles, and ube jams.
  • Eat – the park has several food stalls/eateries. The varying dishes offered in every eatery are a testament to Baguio City being a melting pot of cultures. The most popular food, however, is found on the small food carts and stalls selling grilled dried squid and steamed sweet corn. Two popular food items you should try when you are in Mines View. Also, if you chance upon a “taho vendor” roaming around, do not miss trying out either the strawberry or ube taho.
  • Pose – Inside Minew View Park, you can pose for a photo with a large St. Bernard dog or a horse. Record memories of your visit at this park donning traditional Cordilleran attire from entrepreneurs renting out such attires.
  • Watch – the highlight of your visit to Mines View Park happens at the observation deck. Aside from viewing the beautiful mountains of the Cordillera and the mining town of Itogon, the main attraction at the park is seen during sunrise. This is one of Baguio City’s best locations to watch the sunrise. Enjoy the cold Baguio weather as you watch the sun rise over the mountains of the Cordillera, and if you are lucky, the interaction of the sun, clouds, mountains, and the blue sky provides you with a picturesque backdrop.

Mines View Park Baguio Sunrise

Mines View in Baguio Location

How to get to Mines View Baguio

There are 4 ways on how to get to Mines View from the Baguio City Central business district.

  1. Via Private Car– Mines View is accessible to private vehicles, parking areas are located just outside the park, adjacent to the souvenir shops. The distance from the upper part of Session road to Mines View Park is about 4.3kms and it will take you an approximate time of 11 minutes drive depending on the traffic.
  2. Jeepney – there are jeepneys plying the route from the central business district of Baguio City to Mines View Park. The jeepney terminal for Mines View is located at Governor Pack Road.
  3. Taxi – you can reach Mines View Park by riding a taxi. It is fairly easy to flag a taxi in Baguio City to take you to this park. Since the park is a popular tourist destination, taxi drivers can bring you there following the most efficient route.
  4. Walk – Baguio City is a walkable city and it advocates for a healthy lifestyle. If you plan on visiting Mines View, walking might also be a good idea. You might even burn 180 calories if you walk 6 kilometers from Burnham Park to Mines View (according to the Baguio Walk Meter Chart).

Directions when Driving From Session Road to Mines View

Directions when walking from Burnham Park to Mines View