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Seafood and Baguio City these are two words that doesn’t go together initially but give it time it makes sense, just like caramel and salt. Baguio City is located 5000 feet above sea level, so you guessed it right, the city of pines is nowhere near the ocean. Thus, seafood is not really a common product in Baguio. However, recent restaurant trend on serving up platters of seafood boil are slowly gaining ground in Baguio City and it seems that people from Baguio are loving it. Here are 4 of those restaurants that made seafood as their menu’s main ingredient.

  1. RedSnapper – located at the corner of Kisad Road and Montinola street, this restaurant is part of a small food community. Their main dish is a seafood boil that contains crabs, shrimps and mussels. You can choose from their list of different flavors, the most recommended flavor is the cajun. Redsnapper has created enough portions of seafood boil that would fit the right number of people eating it. They have a portion for 1-2 persons, 3-4 persons and what they call the Barkada platter that serves about 5-6 persons. They also have mixed seafood with lobster combo for those who craves for lobsters or for those who would just like to try eating a lobster.
RedSnapper Baguio

2. Chick’en Claw – speaking of different things working together, Chick’en Claw serves up a “boat” of seafood boil and paired with crispy fried chicken. Again, it doesn’t look like they go together but it does. Located at Romel Mansion along Lualhati Street Villamor Drive, Baguio City. Their seafood boil is composed of Crabs, Shrimps and Mussels with a serving of fried chicken. They also serve a combo meal that includes salad, rice, ramyun and for the higher end version a serving of baby back ribs.

Chick’en Claw Baguio

3. Choobi Choobi – a seafood restaurant that doesn’t only serve seafood boil but also different types of seafood dishes. Their seafood boil is served in a platter where you have a choice to add sausage, chorizo, and corn. Although the seafood boil is composed only of shrimps and mussels you can add a serving of snow crab for a premium price. Choobi Choobi is located at C and Triple A building at Camp 7 Kennon Road Baguio City.

Choobi – Choobi Baguio

4. Seafood Island – one of the more popular franchise with several restaurants in the Philippines. In Baguio City, Seafood Island is located at Camp John Hay Technohub. Although seafood boil is not in their menu, Seafood island is known for their huge servings of boodle-fight style seafood dishes. One order is a combination of rice, and several other dishes.

Seafood Island Baguio

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Seafood restaurants in Baguio City is definitely an emerging trend and it is slowly gaining traction and interest not only from residents but also from tourists from nearby provinces. Have you tried any one of these restaurants? Have we forgotten to include your favorite seafood restaurant in Baguio City? Let us know via the comment section below!

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