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Tropical Depression Ineng forecasted to exit PAR tonight or tomorrow

Quick Highlights on TD Ineng:

  • Tropical Depression INENG remains stable, moving northeast at 20 km/h.
  • Its center is currently 1,020 km East of Extreme Northern Luzon.
  • No wind signals have been raised, but some areas will experience gusty conditions due to the enhanced Southwest Monsoon.
  • INENG and another system, HAIKUI, are enhancing the monsoon rains, particularly over the western parts of Luzon.
  • INENG might exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility by tonight or tomorrow as it becomes a tropical storm.

Details on Tropical Depression Ineng:

Tropical Depression INENG, although not directly affecting the Philippines, has continued its trajectory northeastward, maintaining its strength. As of 4:00 PM today, it possesses maximum sustained winds of 45 km/h with gustiness reaching up to 55 km/h.

Tropical Depression Ineng Forecast Track

Despite INENG’s path, no wind signals have been hoisted. However, because of the system’s influence on the Southwest Monsoon (and alongside the influence of Tropical Storm HAIKUI), occasional to monsoon rains are expected in the western portions of Luzon for the next three days. Residents are urged to refer to Weather Advisory #24 and the 24-Hour Public Weather Forecast for detailed updates.

In terms of wind, the enhanced monsoon is predicted to bring gusty conditions to areas including Batanes, Ilocos Provinces, Zambales, and Bataan, especially in coastal and upland regions.

For those near the coast, while INENG may not bring rough sea conditions, the enhanced Southwest Monsoon has prompted a Gale Warning for several seaboards in the country. Civilians should expect disruptions in maritime activities, and travelers should be wary of possible sea travel suspensions due to hazardous conditions.

INENG’s projected path will keep it distant from the Philippine landmass, possibly exiting the Philippine Area of Responsibility by tomorrow. Afterward, it’s predicted to head towards the waters south of mainland Japan.

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