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PNPA Online Application 2024 Guide: How to be a PNPA Cadet

Welcome to the ultimate guide for the PNPA Online Application 2024. Aspiring cadets interested in joining the Philippine National Police Academy can find all the necessary information to navigate the application process smoothly. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you understand the PNPA Application Guide and embark on your journey to becoming a part of the Philippines’ premier public safety institution.

What is the PNPACAT?

The PNPA Cadetship Program stands as a distinguished scholarship offered every year by the Philippine National Police Academy. It opens doors for eligible candidates to embark on a four-year journey towards earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS) degree. The journey begins with the PNPA Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT), serving as the gateway for aspirants aiming to join the academy’s esteemed ranks. Successfully navigating this examination not only marks the start of a prestigious educational path but also lays the foundation for a rewarding career dedicated to public safety and service.

PNPA Cadet Benefits

  1. An opportunity to become a Police Officer to serve God, Country, and People;
  2. Full government scholarship grants for 4 years of cadetship program;
  3. Conferred degree of Bachelor of Science in Public Safety (BSPS); and
  4. Assured employment after graduation in the Philippine National Police with the rank of Police Lieutenant.

Eligibility Criteria for PNPA Admission

Before diving into the PNPA Application Process, it’s crucial to ensure you meet the PNPA Eligibility Criteria. Applicants must be:

  1. A natural-born Filipino citizen;
  2. Must be 18 to 22 years old at the time of admission;
  3.  Male or female must be single with no parental obligation;
  4. At least Senior High School graduate upon admission (June 1, 2025);
  5. At least 5 ft and 2 inches (158.2cm) for males and 5 ft (152.4 cm) for females in height;
  6. With weight that corresponds to the applicant’s height, gender, and age (BMI);
  7. Physically and mentally fit to undergo the Cadetship Program;
  8. With good moral character (no criminal, administrative, or civil derogatory record);
  9. Without pending complaint and/or case before any tribunal of whatever nature;
  10. Not a former cadet of PNPA, or other similar institutions; and
  11. Never been dismissed from any private employment or government position for cause.

Step-by-Step PNPA Application Process

Step 1: Prepare the requirements

Before submitting an online application, please have your CLEAR, SCANNED COPIES (IN JPG, JPEG, or PNG FORMAT) ready for uploading of the following:

    • PSA Birth Certificate
    • Passport-sized or 2×2 picture with name tag
    • Fill out a copy of the PNPA BMI Form. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) rating must not be more than 28.0 for you to qualify for the PNPA CAT. Visit any licensed private or government physician to determine your BMI.

Step 2: Register a new account

Once you have prepared the documents needed, register an account at the PNPA Online Application System

Step 3: Login then proceed to Application

After logging in, fill-up and submit the cadet applicant admission form.

Step 4

PNPA shall notify you in the future via your recorded contact information for the result and further instructions.

NOTE: All unfinished, incomplete applications or incorrect information submitted will be deleted from the database. Online applicants must SUBMIT their applications on or before the DEADLINE DATE. The online application will be disabled after the DEADLINE DATE.

Deadline for PNPACAT Application

The deadline for applications is 12:00 midnight of June 15, 2024.

For questions, contact:

The PNPA Online Application 2024 offers a challenging yet rewarding path for those aspiring to serve in the police force, jail management, and fire protection services. With dedication and proper preparation, you can successfully navigate the application process and take the first step towards a noble career.

SOUCE: Philippine National Police Academy

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