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Baguio City Records Further Drop in Temperature to 13.4 Degrees Celsius Amid Strong Amihan Winds

The cool climate of Baguio City has become even crisper as the temperature further dipped to 13.4 degrees Celsius at 5 AM today, marking a slight yet noticeable decrease from yesterday’s 14.0 degrees Celsius. This change is primarily attributed to the strong winds blowing from the northeast, a characteristic feature of the Northeast Monsoon, known locally as Amihan.

This latest temperature reading underscores the intensifying effects of the Amihan season, which is known for bringing cooler weather conditions to the northern parts of the Philippines, particularly in high-altitude areas like Baguio City. The Amihan winds, characterized by their cool and dry nature, have been steadily influencing the city’s weather, leading to these consecutive days of temperature drops.

The gradual decrease in temperature is a typical trend during this time of the year in Baguio City. As the Amihan season progresses, it is not uncommon for the city to experience even lower temperatures, often reaching their nadir in the early months of the following year.

Residents and tourists are advised to take necessary precautions against the colder weather. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, such as layered outfits and jackets, and ensuring that vulnerable groups, like the elderly and children, are adequately protected from the cold.

The colder temperatures are also expected to impact daily activities, with locals and visitors adjusting their routines to accommodate the chillier mornings. Moreover, this weather condition is a boon for the city’s tourism, as many people flock to Baguio to experience its unique, colder climate compared to the rest of the country.

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