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Baguio City Shivers with New Record Low Temperature for 2024

Baguio City, the Philippines’ beloved Summer Capital, has set a new record for the coldest temperature of 2024. Early this morning, the city experienced a significant drop in temperature, reaching a chilly 12.6°C at 5:00 AM. This new low surpasses the previous record for this year, which was 12.8°C, recorded just eleven days ago on January 14, 2024.

The latest weather update for January 25, 2024, indicates that Baguio City is under the strong influence of the northeast monsoon, locally known as Amihan. This weather system is responsible for the cloudy skies and light rains the city is currently experiencing, along with moderate to strong winds blowing from the northeast. Despite the cold start, temperatures are expected to rise to a high of 23.2°C later in the day.

The air quality in the city remains moderate, with an air quality index of 48 PM2.5 and 11.6μg/m3. Residents and visitors are advised to dress in warm clothing, especially during the early morning and late evening, to combat the chilly weather.

Today’s sunrise was at 6:27 AM, and the sunset is expected at 5:44 PM. The shorter daylight hours during this season contribute to the cooler temperatures experienced in the city.

Reflecting on Baguio’s Temperature Trends

This new record low for 2024 is a stark reminder of Baguio City’s capacity for varied weather conditions. While today’s 12.6°C is the coldest for the year, it is still higher than the all-time record low of 6.3°C, recorded on January 18, 1961. Such historical data highlights the city’s potential for extreme weather, despite its tropical location.

Meteorologists continue to monitor the situation closely, as there is still a possibility for temperatures to drop further in the coming days, given the ongoing influence of the northeast monsoon.

Baguio City, known for its cool climate, panoramic views, and rich culture, remains a favored destination for many. Even in colder weather, the city offers a unique experience different from the typical tropical climate of the Philippines.


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