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Cold Spell Persists in Baguio City as Temperature Dips to 10.4 Degrees Celsius

Baguio City, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, recorded its lowest temperature for the year 2024 today, January 27, plunging to a chilly 10.4 degrees Celsius. This significant drop in temperature is attributed to the Amihan, or the northeast monsoon, a weather phenomenon known for bringing cold winds from the northeast.

Residents and tourists alike experienced a stark contrast in the city’s climate, with the highest temperature yesterday reaching only 22.0 degrees Celsius. The Amihan, combined with Baguio’s high elevation and lush greenery, contributes to these colder-than-usual conditions, marking this period as the time of year when the city experiences its lowest temperatures.

The city, perched approximately 1,540 meters above sea level, is no stranger to cool weather, but the recent readings have brought an extra layer of chill to its atmosphere. Surrounding areas, especially those at higher altitudes like Tublay and Atok in Benguet province, are expected to record even lower temperatures, drawing attention from both local meteorologists and climate enthusiasts.

Baguio City’s cool climate has long been a part of its charm, attracting tourists from all over the country and the world, seeking respite from the tropical heat common in other parts of the Philippines. The cold weather is not just a meteorological occurrence but also a significant aspect of Baguio’s cultural and historical identity.

The history of low temperatures in Baguio City is a topic of interest for many. The record for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the city still stands at a freezing 6.3 degrees Celsius, which was documented on January 18, 1961. This historical record not only highlights the city’s climatic extremes but also underscores the unique environmental conditions that define this beloved mountain retreat.

As the cold spell continues, residents are advised to keep warm and stay prepared for the colder days ahead. Meanwhile, tourists are flocking to the city to experience this rare chilly weather, adding a bustling vibrancy to the serene landscape of Baguio. The city, with its pine-covered hills and misty mornings, continues to enchant visitors, offering a cool haven in the heart of the tropics.

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