How To Take Great Selfies While Touring Baguio City

Taking a selfie is something almost everyone you know both in person and in social media do. A smart phone that has a front camera most often equates to a phone that has a gallery with  at least a few selfies to a gallery which even has a folder for hundreds of selfies alone. Well, in today’s generation, technology advancement has already made it easy for everyone to snap a decent quality of selfie within seconds.

But aside from the innate capability of your phone to take a high resolution of selfie, there are some basic selfie tips and tricks that could make your selfie even better. Listed below are a few of the basic outdoor selfie tips that you might want to try the next time you snap a photo of yourself.

Find a Location

Anywhere might do if you aren’t that picky to be honest, but if you are aiming to get a good photo involving your surroundings, snap a selfie in a location that could tell where you really are the moment you took the photo. Here in Baguio City there are just  tons of iconic places such as the Burnham Lake, The Baguio City Cathedral, Sky Zone, and many more! There are just a lot of stunning places here in Baguio city that would fit right into your Instagram feed, so keep on exploring and find those gems.

Find a Good Lighting

Face the direction where the light is. It would make your selfie look more neath and your face in it somehow fresher. A good lighting not just makes a selfie appear to look good but it also makes non-selfie photos look great as well. Although, it’s understood that some people are taking darker selfies on purpose, it wouldn’t harm to try taking evenly bright ones as well.

Find your Flattering Angle

One person might have the same flattering angle as the other, but that’s not always the case, so keep on experimenting and taking selfies with different angles, especially if you still haven’t found the right angle for you. Go trial and error in this one even if it takes you bunch of selfies to finally figure out what works for you.

Learn a Pose or Two

Pulling off a peace sign and pouty lips aren’t your only choice. Let your poses vary. Use your hand, adjust your shoulders, tilt your head, elevate your chin, play with your hair, look to different directions, and of course don’t forget to smile. Every person may strike different poses depending on their personality, so if you think that a pose may seem awkward to you, then don’t be afraid to try something else that would fit your style.

Use the Beautification Feature of your Phone

If the lighting, good background, flattering angle, and a great post still doesn’t content you. It’s not bad to use some of the beautification features of your phone. Zenfone 4 Selfie Lite by ASUS is one of the phones which has great beautification feature such as Soften Skin, Brighten Skin, Enhance Eyes,Thin Cheeks, and more. A natural photo could be good enough, but it’s not bad to experiment and try something new every once in a while.

Those are some of the basic outdoor selfie tips and tricks. Aside from the places mentioned, there are still a lot.. Like really A LOT of great, Instagrammable places here in the City of Pines that would bring out the best of your outdoor selfies. What’s your favorite Instagrammable place here in Baguio City? Let us know in the comment section below.

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