PH Golfer Yuka Saso Set To Choose Japanese Citizenship

Yuka Saso, the first Filipino to win a Golf Major Tournament and the youngest delegate in the Tokyo Olympics, is set to become a Japanese citizen in 2023.

The 20-year old Filipino-Japanese Olympian revealed her decision at a press conference a day before the kick-off of the Toto Japan Classic in Shiga, according to Kyodo News.

“It is true that I chose Japanese nationality. I was wondering if I would choose Japanese nationality in the future,” Saso stated.

Under the Japanese Nationality Law, Japanese nationals who have dual citizenship like Saso shall choose either of the nationalities before he or she reaches twenty-two years old.

Saso is born to a Filipino mother and a Japanese father and was raised in both countries.

“No matter which one I choose, I am both Japanese and Filipino,” the 2020 PSA Athlete of the Year said.

SOURCE: Kyodo News, Japan Ministry of Justice


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