Panagbenga Festival

Panagbenga ECOuture 2019

DE STIJL Image Reinvented, together with the fashion community of Baguio, celebrated Panagbenga 2019 by showcasing creativity, beauty, and arts through a Street and Avant-Garde Fashion Runway Show held at the Session Road in Bloom Event Area last March 8, 2019.

The Story Behind ECOuture

They have been doing typical annual street fashion shows during Panagbenga Festival. But this year, they had come up with a more purposeful activity organized and led by Architect Jonard Don Jardenil, head of DE STIJL.

With the city’s problem on garbage, they saw an opportunity to spread awareness on how we can save the environment through creativity and resourcefulness.

“We want to spread awareness on how to become more sensitive and we want to do it in a creative way, as well in facing our challenges on garbage and other environmental issues.” Arch. Jardenil said.

The event’s name, Panagbenga Ecouture, came from the words ‘Panagbenga’, since it is an activity included within the festival and ‘ECOuture’, a combination of the terms eco, which refers to the environment and couture, meaning dressmaking, fashion, and style.

The models lit up the runway glammed by a roster of Fashion Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists, and a circle of enthusiasts who love fashion and in saving the environment.

“The Panagbenga Ecouture is a very obvious product of self-expression that was brought to us by these designers, our makeup and hairstylists, and the models as well. They are creative people who showcased what we want to express and give to the audience.” Jardenil added.

Every now and then, De STIJL gathers the fashion community in Baguio to have a fashion show where they can showcase the creative side of Baguio and the talents of the locals in the city and up north.

Arch. Jardenil said with enthusiasm, “Let this event spearhead our sense of discipline and responsibility. I believe that the sense of responsibility and discipline can be showcased through fashion, arts and in many other ways. Let us continue making Baguio beautiful and creative.”

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