Panagbenga Festival

Session Road Blooms with Locals’ Creativity

Following the first celebration of EntaCool or the Baguio Creative Festival last November 2018, local artists are given better opportunities this year as they participate and showcase their notable handcrafts in the Session Road In Bloom.

Creative Alley in the Session Road in Bloom

When you visit Session Road in Bloom, you’d see the Creative Alley, which blooms with much creativity, just below the Post Office Loop.

Along the alley, you can choose and buy a lot of locally and artistically made products that’s definitely one of a kind as they are carefully handcrafted by our local artists.

There’s an area where you can go for henna tattoo or have your portrait drawn with charcoal while others have their handcrafts on display for people looking for unique items to buy.

We’d say that the Creative Alley is definitely a one-stop shop for this kind of products, offering a wide range of items from decorations such as wood carvings, paintings and handcrafted wire arts, accessories, hand-painted shirts, bags and hats.

Here’s a gallery of carefully and beautifully crafted items at the Alley that you wouldn’t want to miss.

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  1. wow, nice info. I will draw my portrait there toady

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