Panagbenga Festival

Panagbenga 2020 Schedule of Activities


As of March 9, 2020 PANAGBENGA 2020 is CANCELLED read more here

As of February 12, 2020, the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation Inc. and the city government of Baguio have officially announced the new schedule for Panagbenga 2020.

As of January 31, 2020 – Due to the 2019-nCov, the Mayor is taking a Proactive step to keep everyone safe read the full announcement here:

It’s that time again, the Panagbenga 2020 or the Baguio Flower Festival is near! And we know that you have been waiting for the Panagbenga 2020 schedule of Activities. The City Government of Baguio has released this Panagbenga 2020 Schedule of Activities! Start planning for your Baguio Flower Festival experience and we hope that this schedule would guide you in doing just that!

Panagbenga 2020 Theme

The theme for Panagbenga 2020 on its 25th Year is “Blooming through the Years”

Panagbenga 2020 Highlights

The Panagbenga or the Baguio Flower Festival is now on its 25th year, which means it is now on it’s silver anniversary and we are expecting new things this time around. Of course the Panagbenga 2020 Highlights mainstays such as the Grand Street Dance parade and the Grand Float parade will once again color the streets of Baguio. The Grand street dance parade will happen on March 28, 2020 while the Grand Float Parade will be enjoyed on March 29, 2020. We hope to have a better celebration than last year.

Panagbenga 2020 Planning Tips

If you intend to experience the 2020 Panagbenga Festival in Baguio City it is best to plan as early as now. Remember, this is the grandest festival for Baguio City and we again expect people to be flocking to Baguio in order to have that one-of-a-kind Panagbenga Experience. So in order to avoid the stress plan early and we have these following tips.

  1. Know the Panagbenga 2020 Schedule – the Panagbenga Festival is a one month celebration, through the schedule you can see which activity would best suit your kind of experience. If you are not fond of parades and crowds you might want to skip the grand parades and watch the Opening parades or join in other activities instead.
  2. Know the Venue – Knowing the venue will help you plan on where to book your stay or where to go during the activity.
  3. Know the parade routes – for years we have been posting the Panagbenga Festival Grand Street and Grand Float Parade routes (so again stay tuned for that) this way you can better plan on where to position yourself during the parade which will give you maximum view of the parade and maybe escape the heat of the sun.
  4. Book your accommodation early – just like the Christmas season the Panagbenga Festival brings in a lot of people who are booking for accommodation. It is best to book your hotel in baguio or transient house in Baguio as early as today.
  5. Book your bus tickets early – if you plan to travel to Baguio for the Panagbenga 2020 Festival better book your bus tickets early. It would also be wise to book your bus tickets going back early so as to avoid the long lines of people going back to their provinces after witnessing the Panabenga 2020 Festival. For convenience, you can book your tickets online.



Date and TimeActivitiesVenue
OngoingBaguio Blooms Exposition Baguio Convention Center Parking Area
Ongoing Landscaping Exhibition and Competition Designated areas in CBD/Parks
February 22, 2020 Flower Tee Golf Tournament Baguio Country Club
February 22, 2020 PMA Alumni HomecomingPhilippine Military Academy
March 4-6, 2020School-based Landscaping Competition (Judging)Participating Schools in Elementary and High School
March 15, 2020Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya Baguio
-Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
-Panagbenga Open Kite Flying Competition
-Panagbenga Cultural Show
-Fireworks Display
Melvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
March 21, 2020 Grand Opening Parade
Street Dance Competition (Elementary Division)
Panagbenga Park>DILG>Session Road> Magsaysay Avenue> Harrison Road> Baguio Athletic Bowl
March 22, 2020Panagbenga Cultural Dance CompetitionMelvin Jones Grandstand and Football Grounds
March 28, 2020 Grand Street Dance Competition and Parade Panagbenga Park>DILG>Session Road> Magsaysay Avenue> Harrison Road> Baguio Athletic Bowl
March 29, 2020 Grand Float ParadePanagbenga Park>DILG>Session Road> Magsaysay Avenue> Harrison Road> Baguio Athletic Bowl
March 28-29, 2020 Sponsor’s Day Baguio Athletic Bowl
Melvin Jones Football Grounds
March 30-April 5, 2020 Session Road in Bloom Session Road
April 4, 2020 Pony Boys Day Wright Park
April 5, 2020 Closing and Awards Ceremonies
Grand Fireworks Display
Baguio Athletic Bowl
– Fireworks: 5 stations City-wide

How to Get to Baguio City

There are many ways you can travel to the City of Pines to witness the Baguio Flower Festival Baguio City has become more accessible now more than ever especially as the different expressways (TPLEX and SCTEX) have closed the gap between Metro Manila and Baguio City. Depending on the time of your trip, you can actually get to Baguio in just 4-6 hours. Here are the different ways you can get to Baguio City to watch the Panagbenga Flower Festival:

Travel via Bus

How to Get to Baguio City From Metro Manila (Avenida, Cubao, Pasay, PITX)

  • Victory Liner*
  • Joy Bus*
  • Genesis
  • Philippine Rabbit
  • Pine Tree Transit
  • Solid North*
    *offers P2P (Point-to-point) Manila to Baguio trips and vice versa

How to Get to Baguio City from La Union

  • Partas
  • Baguio Bus Lines Association

How to Get to Baguio City from Pangasinan

  • Victory Liner (Dagupan)
  • Solid North (Dagupan, Bayambang)
  • Coda Lines (Asingan, Binalonan, Pozorrubio)

Click here to check out the complete list of Bus Terminals in Baguio and their respective schedules and routes.

How to Get Around Baguio City During Panagbenga 2020

Having a private car you can use to drive around Baguio City is indeed convenient. However, during the holidays and Panagbenga season, the city experiences terrible traffic congestion due to the number of cars traveling to Baguio to witness the Baguio flower festival Grand Street parades. This is a good problem because of the impact tourism can have to our economy, but this is also why tourists are encouraged to leave their cars to avoid having problems with parking and enjoy the city of Pines by getting from one point to another using the different public transportation available in the city.


It is fairly easy to go around a small city like Baguio City. Riding jeepneys to go from one tourist spot to another here in Baguio is a fairly cheaper option to get around. The different jeepney terminals are located in the Central Business District, just ask any uncle or aunty how you can get to one place, and they will immediately direct you to its jeepney station. The regular base fare is Php8.50 pesos.


Baguio taxi drivers have been known for their honest traits such as giving back the exact change, getting you to your destination through the fastest route they know, and there have also been many cases wherein they have returned large amounts of cash, smartphones, and items that have been accidentally left by their passengers. 

Taxi drivers of Baguio City are most commonly courteous and friendly so this just goes to show that if you want to go around the city, hailing a cab to get to any tourist spots in Baguio City is generally a safe and convenient way to do so. Php35.00 is the current flag down rate. 

Here’s a travel hack for you: If you want to know a good place to eat, ask taxi drivers where they eat during their breaks and they will most probably lead you to the most affordable and delicious eats in the city. 


One fun thing about Baguio City is that everywhere is walking distance if you believe it to be! Not only does walking have a lot of benefits and help you burn your holiday calories, but there are also a lot more sceneries you might see just by walking from one destination to another. Though some parts of the city might be challenging to walk on because of its steep incline, locals actually prefer walking especially when the weather gets cold. So, when you find yourself in Baguio City this Panagbenga season, get yourself on a walking distance challenge and surprise yourself with how far you can go.

Where to Go in Baguio City during Panagbenga 2020

A lot of people keep on coming here in Baguio City almost every weekend and especially during the holidays. Baguio is known for its cold weather and it might be one of the factors why people love to visit the city.

For those who are planning to visit Baguio City one of these days, here are the places that you can visit during your stay in the city. This can be helpful to those who are visiting Baguio for the first time and to those who are not familiar with the places around the city. 

Burnham Park. You might have heard of this famous park and if ever you are planning to have your vacation in Baguio don’t miss to visit this place. Here you can do activities such as boating, biking, and indoor skating. Also, don’t forget to bring your mat for you can have a picnic in the park’s ground. 

Diplomat Hotel. Make your visit to Baguio City memorable and check one of the haunted places in Baguio which is the Diplomat Hotel. This place is rich in history and the thing you read in books or online might not be enough so better check it personally.  

Wright Park. If you are wondering where are the beautiful horses you see on social media that you can hire for horseback riding, it is located at Wright Park. You don’t only have the chance to take a photo with it but you can hire it to tour you around. 

Baguio Cathedral. One of the most famous churches in Baguio and it’s located in the city proper. After attending the mass, you can go to the next tourist destinations that are located near the city proper. 

Mines View Park. To witness the sunrise here in the City of Pines, Mines View Park is the right spot. This can be your first destination, be here as early as possible and watch the sunrise together with your family, friends and travel buddy.

Baguio City Public Market. For souvenirs and pasalubong you can buy at the Baguio City Public Market. Here you can buy keychains, t-shirt, bags, fresh vegetables and more. Be sure to bring your own reusable or recyclable bags such as eco bags to save the environment where you can store the items you bought. 

Easter Weaving. For Cordilleran inspired products, you can drop by at Easter Weaving and buy items there you can give for pasalubong. You have a lot to choose from here such as bags, jewelry, clothes, shoes and more. 

These are just some of the places where you can go while you are in Baguio City for the Panagbenga Festival. During your next visit, you can discover more of the unknown places here in the city by asking locals or taxi drivers. 

Where to Eat in Baguio City During Panagbenga 2020

Whenever you are visiting a place, food will always be on top of every must-try list. There are various restaurants or cafes seen around the city, especially in the Central Business District. But there are also restaurants that offer good food that you might not know, maybe because it’s just new or hidden somewhere waiting to be discovered

Here are must-try restaurants you can choose from when visiting the City of Pines:

A healthy restaurant in the heart of Baguio

Are you into a healthy lifestyle and don’t want to ruin your diet? Well, The Superfood Green Smoothie is a restaurant in Baguio City that offers a wide range of plant-based meals from smoothies to meals that are affordable and delectable at the same time.

Must-Try Korean Restaurants in the City of Pines

With the widespread popularity of K-Pop and K-Drama, many Filipinos also have loved Korean dishes. With this, the number of Korean restaurants in the City of Baguio is growing and you might want to check one of these restaurants for a classic samgyupsal or grilled pork meal.

Five “Hidden” Restaurants You Should Visit in Baguio City

You might be asking if there are other restaurants that you might not yet discover but offer good food. These Five “Hidden” Restaurants are just the right places you should visit. They might be a bit far from the Central Business District, but we assure you their food is worth the trip.

Holiday Inn Baguio Launches Caffeinated Afternoons

Craving for sweets and coffee against the cold weather of the city? Holiday Inn Baguio offers caffeinated afternoons just right for you to relax and a perfect place for instagrammable photos.

Must Try Seafood Restaurants in Baguio City

The city might be thousands of feet away from the sea, yet there are restaurants that offer delicious seafood good for sharing. If you are a group visiting the City of Pines, you shouldn’t miss these seafood restaurants.

Baguio Foodtrip Chronicles: Taxi Drivers Edition

If ever you are riding a taxi, don’t be shy to ask the manong driver the best place to eat for they are much familiar with places where you can enjoy good food at a reasonable price

Budget Foodtrip Chronicles: Student Edition

Baguio City is considered as the center of education in the northern part of the Philippines. Students from different places come here to continue their studies. That leads to food establishments continuously emerging too. Hence, there are already establishments that became popular with students not only for having budget-friendly meals but because of its servings and good food. So, ask a friend of yours where he/she often eats and try it out!

Baguio City offers a lot of restaurants that you can try that we might not have mentioned above. So, if you are going to visit Baguio City this Panagbenga, you already have an idea of where to eat away from those crowded restaurants.

Things to Do in Baguio City during Panagbenga 2020

If you are planning to go to Baguio City to witness the coming Panagbenga Festival 2020, you might as well enjoy everything else worth enjoying in the city to make the most of your visit. Aside from the annual, month-long celebration of the Panagbenga festival itself, there are other things with.0in Baguio City that you can enjoy with it to add to the fun and experience.

1. Walk around Baguio City

Whether you’ll be visiting the City of Pines for the Panagbenga 2020 grand parades or you’ll be staying for the entire month not to miss out on any activities during the month-long festival, don’t miss the opportunity to walk around the city during your visit. After watching parades such as the Panagbenga Opening Day Parade, Grand Street Dance Parade, and the Grand Float Parade, take your time to stroll around the city and hop from one tourist destination to another. After all, there are many tourist destinations that are actually walking distance from the Session Road, plus you’ll get to escape the traffic if you’ll simply use your feet rather than your wheels. 

There’s a Walk Meter Chart to Guide You

There’s a Walk Meter Chart placed at Burnham Park that could serve as your guide should you want to experience what it’s like to walk around Baguio City during your stay. We’ve already done the Walk Meter Challenge before to prove that following the chart is definitely possible. You may also watch the full journey here. Yes, Baguio City is walkable!

2. Try Horseback Riding in Baguio City

Want to do something else after participating or watching the scheduled Panagbenga 2020 activities for the day? That’s great! 

Here’s to spoil you: if you are planning to push through with walking around the City of Pines following the same Walk Meter Chart that we followed for our Walk Meter Challenge, you’ll be passing by the Wright Park. At the park, you can enjoy doing many things such as buying small souvenirs, buying different kinds of succulents, and of course, going for horseback riding. Experience horseback riding on the same day you would want to experience walking around Baguio if you want, and experience it on another day if not. Either way, don’t miss the fun of having to try horseback riding during your Baguio visit for the celebration of the Panagbenga 2020. 

3. Try Forest Bathing

There are places here in the City of Pines where you can simply enjoy the beauty of nature, relax, and breathe in the fresh air. If that’s what you want to do after being surrounded by a lot of people during your participation in the Panagbenga 2020 activities, then do know that you don’t have to go so far just to experience such. At the Camp John hay Eco-Trail and Yellow Trail, you can peacefully enjoy hiking for free. Maybe after doing forest bathing, since you’re already at the Camp John Hay, know that there are more things you can do there. 

4. Visit other Tourist Destinations in Baguio City

Tourist destinations included in the Walk Meter Chart aren’t the only tourist destinations you can enjoy going. Some of the other destinations might not be as walking distance or no longer walking distance compared to others if your starting point will be at the heart of the city, however, if you have a heart of an explorer and a soul of an adventurer, dare to go a bit farther. Check out Where to go in Baguio City and see where else you can go!

5. Go Beyond Baguio City!

Speaking of going farther, if travel distance is the least of your concerns, just after enjoying some of the Panagbenga 2020 activities, you might also want to go to some tourist destinations that are somehow beyond Baguio City. Few of the accessible, beyond Baguio places you can pay a visit are the Strawberry Farm and Mt. Kalugong at La Trinidad, Benguet.

6. Ever heard of Wagwagan or Ukay-ukay?

From shirts, pants, hoodies, shoes, to almost any fashion clothing and accessories that you could think of, you can find it all at thrift shops called Ukay-ukay or Wagwagan. There are a lot of wagwagan here in the City of Pines that you can visit after participating or watching Panagbenga 2020 activities. To guide you, here’s a list of some of the Wagwagan or Ukay-ukay areas here in the City of Pines – UK in Baguio.

Also, for you to have an idea of how far your money could go when you shop in these kinds of shops, here are the 250 Pesos Ukay-Ukay Challenge in Baguio City that we’ve done. Also, feel free to watch the full video of the challenge on our YouTube Channel.

7. Eat… and eat again!

After participating or watching the lively Panagbenga 2020 Activities make sure to re-energize yourself to be able to enjoy more of what the festival has to offer by eating in some of the cafes, restaurants, and buffets around Baguio City. If you would like to try something new, there are a few hidden restaurants here that you can try. For seafood lovers, even though the City of Pines isn’t anywhere near seas, there are also some must-try seafood restaurants around here. Know more about some of the places where you can enjoy dining in, check out Where to Eat in Baguio.

8. Make your way to Session Road in Bloom

Visiting the Session Road in Bloom and buying different kinds of things and delicacies there is one of the things you can only do during the duration of Panagbenga Festival, so whether you’re a tourist or a local, make sure to drop by the Session Road during the allotted period for this.

Last Panagbenga Session Road in Bloom 2019 there was a wide variety of stalls that popped out of the Session Road such as Food Stalls, Plant Shop Stalls, Clothing Stalls, Footwear Stalls, Book Stall, and more!

9. Don’t forget to buy Baguio City pasalubong!

Where to buy pasalubong or souvenirs? There are many shops and locations in almost every corner of Baguio City that you could choose from. One of the most recommended pasalubong/souvenir shops in the City of Pines is the  Good Shepherd Baguio located at Gibraltar Rd., Baguio City. 

For a short guide to some places where you can find different kinds of pasalubong, both edible and nonedible, check out Baguio Pasalubong: Must Try And Must Have. For a more detailed guide, you may also watch the video.

10. Be a responsible tourist or local

Aside from doing things that would make your Panagbenga 2020 visit here in Baguio City more fun and enjoyable, also please do things that a responsible tourist or local would do. Dispose of your trash on the proper garbage cans distributed around the city and refrain from littering. Let’s all enjoy the Panagbenga 2020 while making Baguio bloom!

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    1. The Panagbenga Festival is a month long celebration, The opening parade is a must see to give you a glimpse of the grand parades, the Handog ng Panagbenga sa Pamilya baguio is also a must attend there are tons of activities for the family on that day, Session Road in Bloom is also a must attend as well as the Grand Fireworks display during the closing ceremonies. I hope we were able to help you out!

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