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Traffic Advisory During the Panagbenga Grand Opening Ceremony, Street Dancing and Float Parade

It’s that time of the year, and as we anticipate the beating of the drums vibrating through the air of Baguio City we also anticipate the the influx of people who will be celebrating with us during the annual Panagbenga Festival. This means some roads will be closed and traffic expected to be heavy.

In anticipation of these grand parades, the Baguio City Police Traffic Enforcement Unit released a traffic advisory informing the public of the closed roads, alternate routes and no parking spots. Here’s a rundown of the traffic advisory.

Closure of main roads in the Central Business District

The Following roads will be closed from 1:00AM until 3:00 PM on February 3, 24 and 25, 2024. For the Panagbenga Grand Opening Parade, Street Dancing and Floral Float Parade

  • From Panagbenga Park South Drive
  • Whole Stretch of Sesson Road
  • Magsaysay Avenue
  • Harrison Road
  • Jose Abad Santos Drive
  • Lake Drive to Melvin Jones

List of “No Entry” roads or Temporarily Closed Until the Duration of the Parade

  • Teachers Camp – South Drive Junction
  • Nevada Rotunda inbound to Session Road
  • Session Road – Marcoville Junction
  • Session Road – Kalaw- Utility Intersection
  • Leonardwood Road – Cabinet Hill Intersection
  • Kalaw – Harrison Road – Government Center Road intersection
  • Governor Pack Road Going to Session Road
  • Governor Pack Road going to Session Road
  • Father Carlu (Cathedral)
  • Mabini Street going down Session Road
  • Harrison-Veterans Intersection
  • Lake Drive – Abad Santos Drive Junction
  • Shanum-Bautista Drive Junction
  • Shuntog-Abanao Intersection
  • Abanao-Lower Shagem Junction
  • Y-Shape inbound to Market
  • Caltex Bonifacio

Areas where Strictly no Parking is enforced

  • The whole stretch of South Drive
  • Military Cut-off Road
  • Session Road
  • Loakan Road
  • Marcoville
  • Utility Road
  • Leonardwood Road
  • Harrison Road
  • Governor Pack Road
  • Jose Abad Santos
  • Lake Drive
  • Kisad Road
  • Legarda Road
  • Shanum Street
  • Carino Street
  • Abanao Street
  • General Luna Road
  • Father Carlu
  • Bokawkan Road
  • Trancoville Road
  • Rimando Road
  • M.Roxas Road
  • Naguilian Road
  • Guisad Road
  • Roads in the Central Business District that are Open

  • Upper General Luna Road going down Magsaysay Road to Bonifacio Area.
  • All other adjacent roads remain open.
  • ONE WAY INBOUND – KISAD ROAD (from BGH rotunda until frontage of ONGKING AUTO PARTS)
  • ONE WAY OUTBOUND – LEGARDA ROAD (from G.H. Del Pilar until Marcos Highway – Legarda Intersection)
  • Control Points and Alternate Routes

    Kennon-Loakan Junction Control Point

    – All Vehicles bound to LA TRINIDAD shall take Loakan Road – Camp John Hay-BCC to Teachers Camp – M. Roxas Road or take Happy Hallow to Country Club Road while vehicles bound to Marcos Highway shall take Camp 7 Monticello to Balacbac Circumferential Road starting from 5:00 AM until the Parade is over.

    Naguilian Road Control Point

    – All vehicles are not allowed to enter Lower Abanao Street to O-shape intersection from 5:00AM until the parade is over. All vehicles bound to LA TRINIDAD may take Lamtang Road, Tam-awan-Longlong ROad or Tacay-Guisad Road to Bokawkan and Lower Magsaysay Road. Also, vehicles bound for Pacdal Rotunda may take Ferguson road – Guisad Road – Bokawkan-Trancoville-Brookside-M.Roxas and Leonardwood Road

    Pacdal Circle Control Point

    All light vehicles bound for Marcos Highway may take Baguio Country Club Road-Camp John Hay to Loakan Road to Camp 7 – Monticello-Bakakeng then take Balacbac Circumferential Road while vehicles from Pacdal/Itogon area bound to Bokawkan, Naguilian road and La Trinindad may take Leonardwood Road – Teacher’s Camp – M.Roxas Road and Trancoville Road as an ALTERNATE ROUTE starting from 5:00AM until the parade is over.

    As always, remember the following while you are on the road:

    King of the Road Ordinance
    Number Coding Scheme (for those traveling days after the Parades)
    May Number Coding Ba Tuwing Holiday?

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