National Sport Arnis Alive and Well Here in Baguio City

Contrary to popular belief, Sipa was never officially announced as the national sport of the Philippines. It was only by virtue of the Republic Act No. 9850, that the martial art Arnis was declared our national sport. But what is Arnis and how is Baguio slowly making its name in the world of this sport? Read more to find out.

Arnis pride in the City of Pines!

Here in Baguio City, the sport and martial arts arnis is also being practiced. The Tribal Clan Martial Arts System or Tribal Clan Martial arts System Baguio Arnis All Stars is one of the known martial arts organizations in Baguio City. They started their martial arts journey as Baguio Arnis All Stars, but on 2008, they formally named their org Tribal Clan Martial Arts System. They join competitions both within the city outside to represent the City of Pines. Among all martial arts clubs and schools in the city, Tribal Clan Martial Arts System is the only Martial Arts organization that focuses solely in the field of arnis.

An instructor’s journey to the art of Arnis

Mr. Jayson Vicente, an arnis instructor at Tribal Clan Martial Arts System, started practicing martial arts as early as twelve years old. The Japanese art of Karate has been the first form of martial art that he got into. However, since the martial arts club which he was a member of at that time caters to different kinds of martial arts, it also included the art of arnis. That was when he had the chance to get to know arnis even more. Ever since his introduction to arnis, Mr. Vicente began to love the sport. The rest, as they said, is history as he decided to continue venturing further toward the field of arnis. He started teaching arnis at the Philippine Military Academy and by 2007, he formally got into teaching Arnis. His students is one of the reasons why he’s  constantly motivated to go on with this track.

Arnis in a student’s perspective

Alexandria Dumanas, arnis athlete

Ms. Alexandria Dumanas, a Tribal Clan Martial arts System member, is one of Sir Jayson’s arnis students. She was influenced by the arnis trainers who visited their school before she entered the field of arnis. She started to practice arnis when she was still in grade four and from then on she continued practicing the sport/martial art up until today.
Strikings, jogging, and other endurance trainings– those are the common trainings arnis practitioners like Ms. Alexandria usually go through for practicing arnis. Such training is important for either enhancing or maintaining speed and endurance, since those aspects are vital in the sport.

Just this last Batang Pinoy Nationals 2018, Ms. Alexandria participated and was able to bring home one gold medal and two silvers.

So, what’s in it for you if you enter the world of Arnis?

Tribal Clan Martial arts System

Well, other than the opportunity to win competitions and be well-known for it, there’s more than what meets the eye when you practice arnis, or any other sport per se. The sport and martial art Arnis can help you elevate your endurance, flexibility and stamina, and it also helps in maintaining your body weight. Such advantages could benefit everyone who are aspiring to live life fit and healthy.

Getting into such sport really has its advantageous effects to one’s health and wellness, so if you feel like arnis is the right sport for you, then go out there and try it this 2019!

Start your Arnis journey

First and foremost, when getting into martial arts such as arnis, you need to have discipline. No matter how old you are, as long as you are willing to commit yourself into practicing arnis, you can pursue your interest and turn it into your passion. But know that before you get to handle the stick, you need to learn the values incorporated with martial arts itself.

I am encouraging everyone to join arnis because it’s our Filipino martial arts, sports, and it will help you in your physical wellness, at the same time matututo ka ng values ng martial arts na magagamit mo pang araw-araw. So other than arnis naman pwede ka nmang sumali sa ibang martial arts but because I am an arnis instructor, im encouraging you to learn your own Filipino martial arts before you learn other sports, which is all good nman eh but for purposes of Filipino identity and patriotism diba dapat kung ano yung sariling atin yun na yung i-practice natin o matutunan natin.

– Mr. Jayson Vicente, arnis instructor of Tribal Clan Martial Arts System

Wag po silang mahiya na pag may nakita na silang naglalaro join lang po sila kasi marami po silang matututunan ditto discipline, respect, yun po.

– Ms. Alexandria Dumanas, Tribal Clan Martial arts System student

Yung arnis, isang magandang example ng martial arts. Hindi lang s’ya sports. Isa syang martial arts na maraming maitutulong sa katawan, ay sa sarili, na mai-improve yung sarili mo. Gaya rin sya ng ibang sports, masaya rin sya.

Jana Kay Balicdang, Tribal Clan Martial arts System student

So if you think that you can commit to our national sport, don’t hesitate to start as early as now! According to Mr. Vicente, Joining the sport is “more of a commitment rather than just joining the organization.”

You can reach Tribal Clan Martial arts System on their facebook page here.

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  1. I want to know how to become a member?

    1. Magandang Baguio, you can visit their dojo at Baguio Athletic Bowl Swimming Pool and look for Mr. Jayson Vicente to inquire.

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