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Skyranch Baguio Celebrates Valentine’s Day with a Treat

Valentine’s day does not need to be spent in fine dining or going out-of-town. Sometimes having your adrenaline pumped will make it extra special and memorable by going to an amusement park. Yesterday, Skyranch Baguio gave lovers, families, and everyone who wanted to celebrate the day of love with them a treat for Valentines.

People who are thrill seekers or those who have not tried Super Vikings and Drop Tower. It surely made them scream and giggle with the sudden drop or while the giant boat swings up to 90 degrees.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Trying out the different rides such as the Super Viking, Drop Tower, Sky Cruiser, Carousel, and Baguio Eye will make it more exciting.

If you have kids, they can also try riding the Funny Swing, Mini Pirate, Red Baron, and more.

Valentine’s Day Treat

Those who chose to spend Valentine’s Day at Skyranch also received a special treat. They just needed to show any park ride receipt to register, then they have to like their page on Facebook or follow them on their Instagram account. After doing these steps, they can pick from their jar of hearts to get an instant prize!

Those who are single and chose to spend the Valentine’s Day alone or with friends also found the right time and place to have joy they deserve by going on a solo and group date. From the most child-friendly rides to the most thrilling ones, they had a those of adrenaline and chance to bond with each other (and maybe a chance to meet someone)!

Aside from the rides, the amusement park also offers fun games for all ages. They can play games like basketball, ring toss, hangman, hook a duck, stick a card, and lobster pot. Lucky players can win stuffed toys and other awesome prizes.

Sky Ranch Baguio also have booths by local entrepreneurs offering different treats like cakes, chocolates, and more that can be a gift.

Skyranch Baguio is not only a good place for romantic dates, it can also be a place where you can also celebrate other special occasions such as birthdays, team buildings, or even when there’s no particular event and you just want to have fun. Remember, it’s not just the occasion that makes a day special, it’s how and who you spend your day with.

How did you spend Valentine’s Day and who did you spend it with? Let us know in the comments below!

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