Eumir Marcial Secures Spot in Asian Games Finals with Knockout Victory Over Ahmad Ghousoon

In a thrilling semi-final bout at the Asian Games, Filipino boxer Eumir Marcial delivered a knockout punch to Syria’s Ahmad Ghousoon, ensuring his place in the finals of the 80kgs men’s boxing category.

An almost even First Round

The first round saw a strategic shift from Marcial, who is known for his powerful right cross. Instead, he opted for a more calculated approach, meticulously selecting his punches. Several of these punches found their mark on Ghousoon, making it evident that Marcial was not here to play. The round concluded with Marcial slightly edging out in points, but it was clear that both fighters were evenly matched.

A crushing hook in the second round

The stakes were raised in the second round. Ghousoon, aware of his point deficit, began the round with heightened aggression. He continuously pressured Marcial, leading to an intense exchange of blows between the two fighters. However, the round took an unexpected turn when an accidental low blow on Ghousoon caused a temporary pause in the match.

Undeterred by the incident, Ghousoon resumed his aggressive stance upon continuation. But his determination proved to be his downfall. Just over a minute into the round, Marcial spotted a lapse in Ghousoon’s defense. Seizing the opportunity, Marcial landed a devastating right hook to Ghousoon’s jaw, sending him crashing to the canvas. Despite his efforts to rise, Ghousoon was visibly shaken, prompting the referee to call an end to the match and declare Marcial the victor.

With this win, Eumir Marcial is set to compete for the gold medal in the finals of the men’s 80kgs boxing category at the Asian Games and has booked his spot to the Paris Summer Olympics.

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