dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guide

Dadi Roi’s Enterprises: From Salsa to World Class

It has been a tradition for us Filipinos to have a dipping sauce or sawsawan for our all-time favorite chicharon or chips. It also serves as a complement to our favorite Filipino dishes like Adobo or Paksiw.dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guide

It was 2009 when Mr. Robert Roy Mina Mamaat brought with him a homemade salsa to his workplace and shared it with his workmates. His colleagues really loved the taste of his special salsa. And because of their positive feedback, he started selling and creating new products.

However, Roy encountered a problem with his salsa. Primarily, its shelf life is limited to four months and it wasn’t hugely patronized here. And during these times, the price of tomato, the primary ingredients of salsa, also went up to 200 pesos per kilo since the province was struck by two super typhoons. This became a reason for him to pause the salsa production.

dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guide

“Dadi Roi” walking us through the many different packaging the Suka Watwat has underwent

Eventually, Roy decided to resume with production. However, the challenge was to maximize the production of the said salsa when the ingredients are at its lowest especially the main ingredient which is tomatoes, without overproducing it.

dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guideAside from the salsa, Roy did not stop with his ventures in the food industry. He came up with an idea of experimenting with vinegars, wherein he developed a gourmet vinegar, the Suka Watwat. And with one snap, it became exponential and liked by many.

Just to give you a little background, watwat in the highlands, is an community event wherein people or tribes share their blessings. And since Roy saw this product a blessing, he named this discovery Sukang Watwat.

Suka Watwat definitely hit the market from then on. Roy and his wife started to export it to different countries and continents like in the U.S and Europe. As of now, you can buy the special Suka Watwat in the market at 100 pesos. But if you want to buy directly from Dadi Roi’s Enterprises, the cost per bottle is just 60 pesos. And when you go to their place directly, you will also be able to see where they make the products.

This locally made gourmet was recognized by SIAL ASEAN in 2016 and has been featured as exhibit during the (National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show held in McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A last 2017 and also during the Madrid Fusion that was held in Manila, Philippines.

Thankfully, Dadi Roi didn’t give up even if it meant facing a lot of challenges. He only focused on creating new things and making them better every time. He and his wife succeeded with hard work, undivided attention and most of all, love.

Aside from the Suka Watwat and Salsa, you can also try their other products like the homemade hot sauce which they named “The Bomb”, Strawberry Vinaigrette and their very own rice wine which is perfectly fermented.

dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guide


dadi rois suka watwat baguio city guide

Strawberry Vinaigrette

Dadi Roi’s enterprises world class products

May it be an addition to a delectable dish you want to cook up or just something to go with your favorite pik-a snack, there might be a perfect Dadi Roi’s condiment to go with it.

Have you tried Dadi Roi’s Suka Watwat? What’s the favorite dish you want to pair with it? Let us know in the comments below!

This article was featured in our September 2018 issue of our Monthly Magazine Guide. To read the latest insider’s content about Baguio City, download our Magazine Guide September Issue here.

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