6 Budget Travel Tips When Visiting Baguio City

With the daily temperature averaging at 13 to 15 degrees, many people plan their visit the city of Pines to experience not only the cold weather, but also the culture.  But just like with any travel plans, budget is something you have to consider carefully. You need not worry, though, because you can still have a blast with these simple budget travel tips when visiting the city.

Don’t spend too much on accommodation

Normally, accommodation can take a huge chunk of percentage from your travel budget. Why not go backpacker style and opt for transient houses instead? Not only can you save money as compared to booking a hotel, but you can also use the extra money to spend for more worthwhile purchases such as food or pasalubong for your loved ones after your trip.

Thrift To Go


Baguio Night Market

Your Baguio trip won’t be complete without getting a chance to experience thrift shopping. You can visit the Night Market along Harrison Road and source your one-of-a-kind outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) for a cheap price. The best part, you can haggle. If the vendor is feeling generous today, you might just get an item for as low as Php 10.00.



When visiting a new place, of course one of the top things we bet you would like to do is to have a gastronomic experience. You can still do that without spending too much!

If you’re not sure where you can grab a munch, here’s a hack: ask the locals! Locals, especially taxi drivers, can show you to the different food establishments you can try without your wallet suffering. Just ask and don’t be shy- we don’t bite!

Visit Free Attractions

Inner Part of the Burnham Lake Area

The Inner Part of the Burnham Lake Area

They say nothing is ever free nowadays. Well, here in Baguio City, you can still enjoy have a feel of what the city can offer by visiting the different parks without spending for entrance fees. You can immerse in the picturesque sunrise at the Mines View Deck. You can also try forest bathing at the Camp John Hay (which has a lot of proven health benefits, by the way). A stroll at the Burnham Park and Rose Garden is also a good option. Here’s a list of different tourist attractions in the city.

Go Around Baguio for free

Walk Meter Chart from Burnham Park to the Popular Attractions

When you’re in Baguio, there’s another way to save, but also be prepared for some exercise! If you were to ask a local about directions, you might be told that the place you’re looking for is just walking distance, when the truth is, it will depend on your stamina and endurance. Some walks are brief, while some are long. When walking, don’t forget to bask in the beautiful weather and scenery and don’t forget to have water with you to quench your thirst. If you don’t want to walk, Baguio City is easy to navigate by riding jeepneys.

Plan ahead

There is no better budget travel tip than planning ahead especially if you’re on a tight budget and schedule. To get the best out of your visit to the city, research for itineraries or you could devise one according to what you want to see! But if you’re the spontaneous, adventurous type of traveler, that’s okay, too, but there’s no harm in researching about the basic know-hows about Baguio City.


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