Best Crypto Card Games that Pay you Money

Within the context of the gaming industry, the application of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT) is experiencing rapid expansion. New cryptocurrency-based games appear daily. Try your hand at anything from crypto-breeding simulators, massively multiplayer online games to role-playing games or card games and more! 

Even before the broad availability of the internet, many people’s go-to recreational activity of choice was playing strategy card games with turn-based combat. In addition to this, the technology that underpins blockchain has introduced an additional level of entertainment and 2attractiveness for players. In place of the traditional methods, pay-to-earn (P2E) schmes have been implemented. 

As the market for P2E games grows, several excellent collectible card games (CCGs) are breaking into the mainstream.

The vast majority of crypto card games are collecting card games, therefore their gameplay is comparable to that of games like Hearthstone and Clash Royale. You’ll be able to build a stronger deck over the course of the game thanks to the new cards you’ll be able to get as you advance in the game. The great majority of them make it easier for individuals to compete with one another. You will have some level of control over the actions and skills of the main characters in at least some of the games you play.

Now let’s explore the list of best crypto card games in 2022. If you are looking for play-to-earn games on Android devices, take a look at this site.


Free-to-play Gods Unchained allows players to engage in epic PvP battles using fantasy trade cards. Incorporating Ethereum and offering players with tangible rewards is central to the game’s mission to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The GODS token will serve as the game’s main currency and drive the mechanism through which NFTs are acquired and sold in Gods Unchained.

Economies in the Game


Through the use of ERC-721 tokens/NFTs, Gods Unchained allows for the legitimate transfer of in-game virtual items. The GODS token ushers in a new era of Play to Earn features, providing users with more avenues to earn real-world currency. By using GODS, players can commit more time and energy into Gods Unchained by acquiring card packs, creating their own personal NFT cards, and reaping the rewards of staking.

Nearly $34M in NFTs have been traded, demonstrating that Gods Unchained has a dedicated fanbase. While it is still under beta testing, the game has already attracted more than 450,000 players. In just six months, the number of individuals actively playing Gods Unchained each week has climbed fivefold. With the GODS token, the team hopes to attract a much larger audience.

Designed for Scalability and Performance on Ethereum


You may now buy and sell Gods Unchained tokens on Immutable X, the world’s first decentralized exchange that doesn’t require gas fee. The users are able to transact at a far higher throughput than is achievable on Ethereum’s mainnet thanks to zk-rollups, without sacrificing security. Since making the transition to Immutable X, the volume of NFT trades on Gods Unchained has increased by a factor of 2.5 compared to that on Ethereum’s mainnet.


P2E Vulcan Forged Ecosystem developed the first TCG app to use blockchain technology. The title of the game is “Berserk.” Players can earn and exchange spending any money on the game itself.

A free 30-card deck is included as a token of for joining up, and it will serve as a great jumping off point for your journey. The ability to join for free and begin collecting NFTs on a mobile device is available to everyone, wherever in the world. When the tournament is over, the NFTs will be given out in a raffle. Raffle tickets are only available when the user has won five online PvP matches. It’s possible to buy, sell, and trade these tickets amongst players, much like land plots or NFTs.

The need for a custom wallet prior to game access is also eliminated. Those who aren’t as versed in cryptocurrency will be able to get in on the action and make some cash thanks to this modification.



Splinterlands is the next evolutionary step for players of collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Players are given the ability to acquire, trade, and compete for digital treasures that have a verified scarcity and true value thanks to this technology.

Each fight features its own unique challenge, complete with its own unique set of rules for combat, a team-building activity, and a limited amount of time to finish all three of these components.

You’ll be able to experience the convenience and swiftness of digital games with Splinterlands, all while having the collectability and resale value of traditional card games at your disposal.

When compared to other video games based on the blockchain, Splinterlands is light years ahead of the competition. The Hive blockchain keeps a record of every move that is made in the game, allowing the results to be checked and validated by third parties to ensure they are accurate. Throughout the entirety of the process, players can anticipate the same level of brevity and ease of access.

Splinterlands is, as far as we are aware, the only strategic card game that has a fully integrated marketplace and gives the player complete control over their deck. Due to the fact that these cards are non-fungible tokens, they carry an actual monetary value. These digital products, much like traditional trading cards, can be bought, sold, and traded amongst gamers in the same manner.


The soccer fantasy game Sorare, which is played online, makes use of virtual cash. Non-fungible tokens are used in the gaming community to buy, hold, and exchange digital collectible cards. Each week, much like in traditional fantasy soccer, the players are responsible for picking a squad for the upcoming match.

Players can amass points during the game based on the performance of their preferred professional soccer players. The goal of each week’s battle is to rack up more points than the rest of the league’s participants and so come out on top.

As a result of the fact that NFTs may be sold amongst players in the real world using third-party services like as Opensea and Rarible, they add a new dimension to the Sorare experience. If you have a card that a lot of people want, you can use this to your advantage and make a lot of money.

Digital trading cards featuring players from over 200 teams are available to gamers. These teams in famous leagues in the globe such as La Liga, Premier Leagues, Bundesliga, etc.

Even while the main gameplay of Sorare is still primarily focused on a fantasy soccer game, the game nevertheless provides a one-of-a-kind experience for players. During the game, players will have the opportunity to purchase digital trading cards that have been tokenized on the Ethereum (ETH). 

Participants can trade or sell non-fungible token cards on the crypto-collectibles market. Since the NFT cards are the focal point of Sorare’s plot, it is sense that they should also be given significant prominence there. There will be a number of prizes up for grabs, including rare and one-of-a-kind trading cards, as well as cryptocurrencies.


A refined trading card game, Skyweaver can be found on the Polygon network. Skyweaver’s popularity was inspired by Hearthstone, but it features its own distinctive gameplay, new types of hero abilities, card powers, and a robust in-game economy.

In Skyweaver, cards are non-fungible tokens. The potential characters for each card are as follows:

Base: these cards are essentially worthless; they cannot be purchased, sold, or bartered for. Though they can be used in any game style, they have no independent value.

Silver: Those can be bought, sold, or given as presents to friends. They have a little higher value than Base cards and can be exchanged for free access to the game’s premium specialized battle types;

Gold: a special card that can be obtained through normal gameplay. Cards with the gold foil are more eye-catching than their non-gold counterparts. To get them in “Conquest mode,” you have to resort to combat, and you’ll only get a single minting chance.

Each card in the deck has a specific function, as is the case with the vast majority of card games. It’s possible for cards to be charmed, to have effects, or to have certain traits. There are two possible roles that a card could play: that of a hero or of a spell.

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