Cordilleran Orihinal Cafes: Cafes that Offer Cordilleran Cuisine

The experience of visiting a place for the first time wouldn’t be complete without trying out their local dishes. Aside from the opportunity to try something new, you would be able to somehow capture the heart of that place and learn about the tradition and have a taste of it. When you’re planning to visit Baguio City and you’re thinking of where to eat,  you can have a taste of the dishes Cordillera has to offer. Check out these following cafes in Baguio City:

Anidu Cordilleran Bistro

Cordilleran Dishes: Adobong Pato, Ginataang Pato, Pinuneg (blood sausage), Inlagim Pato (Pinikpikan), Mix Mix (Ifugao style mixed grilled pig’s innards), Silet (Ifugao style of cooking pig’s silet)

Address: 168 Romel Suites, Naguilian Road, Baguio City

Cafe By the Ruins

cafe by the ruins baguio city guide

Cordilleran Dish: Pinikpikan

Address: 25 Chuntug Street, Baguio City

Cafe Cueva

cafe cueva baguio city guide

Cordilleran Dish: Kini-ing wrap

Address: Il-Ilikha Artist Village, Assumption Road, Baguio City

Cafe Yagam

Cordilleran Dishes: Igwilas, Pinikpikan w/ etag, Pinuneg, Kini-ing, Yagam Sausage, Binungor, Kiniwar, Sausage platter

Address: 25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City

Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant

farmers daughter baguio city guide

Cordilleran Dishes: Etag, Kinuday, Pinikpikan, Pinuneg

Address: Tam-awan, Longlong Road, Baguio City

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  1. That pinuneg is a must try! Thank you so much for listing them down, I always thought there are no restaurants offering authentic Cordilleran dishes in Baguio City.

  2. Wow! It’s awesome to know that there are several places in Baguio where we can try authentic local food. Thanks for this!

  3. I want to try the Binungor of Cafe Yagam! This blog is so helpful especially to tourist that are looking for authentic cordilleran dishes. Tourist can now choose where to eat these authentic dishes.

  4. Wow! I want to try Cafe Cueva’s Kini-ing Wrap, it’s intriguing!

  5. Thank you for including ANIDU CORDILLERAN BISTRO. Try our smoked meat sausage of Ifugao, “PINUNUG” and also our SILET and MIXMIX… The ducks that we serve came from my mother’s backyard, clean and freshly cooked.

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