The trails at the top of Mount Yangbew

Conquering Mount Yangbew

“Are we there yet?’ is an over exaggerated term I uttered while I hike Mt. Yangbew. I was really hesitant to give hiking a try, I’d rather find ways and means to let the vehicle get to the top rather than hike all the way up to our destination. Being a home buddy, I’d rather lose some fats by doing some exercise inside the confines of my four-cornered apartment doing some cardio in front of the TV rather than sweating like a pig in an unknown place. I’d rather sweat in my yoga pants then I can take showers afterward in my tiny apartment. I don’t need to go out and be fit when I can be an athlete without a hike.

One of the paths going up to Mt.Yangbew

Mt. Yangbew and My Frustrations

Although encouraging, you need more than words to conquer the mountain

I was complaining from the long drive, up to the ascent to the mountaintop. Ever complaining about what to see at the top, it will just be a normal scenery from what I can see from the rooftop in my apartment. Every time I meet someone descend the mountain, I asked how much more should I hike, they cordially smile and root for me to go on. As if their words of encouragement can somehow fill me in to keep going. Apparently not, it just adds up to my frustration on why I ever agreed to go in the first place.

This sign is deceiving, you are still far off from the summit.

Finally At The Top of Mt. Yangbew

I thought I’ve lost a ton of fats already as I am sweating profusely. And when I reached the top, I screamed. I did for I’ve really lost it and because I’ve made it despite my never-ending complaints. I got really upset with myself for waiting my 30+ years of existence before doing this. It was a profound experience for me, that I wanted to find another mountain to conquer. It was exhilarating at the top, the sea of clouds as the backdrop for your selfie is Instagram worthy. The cool breeze keeps my hot temper at bay, I want to stay here instead and be inspired to do some quality work.

Hiking Mt.Yangbew

Mt. Yangbew is a 15-minute hike but it will probably take 30-45 minutes max for first timers and naive like me. The path is a little bit steep and it will surely make your leg muscles sore for a day or two. You can leave your transport at the parking area provided along the road although it is still possible to park a few meters from the foot of the mountain. As soon as you see the big pole, that is the signal that you are almost near the top. Do not forget to bring your camera phone with you to take a snap or two and I suggest you wait for the blue hour or the sunset as it will truly cap your day.

Majestic Sunset viewed at Mt. Yangbew
The different environmental fees to be collected at the top of mt. Yangbew

This was truly a great experience to do on the first day of the year. It was like a resolution for me even if I don’t believe in one. It is a reminder and realization at the same time, to further discover new things. Step out from your comfort zone, you won’t be able to find out if you don’t take the first step out of the box.  As for me, I am ready to further some changes in my life and ready to conquer another mountain to somehow lessen my bad temper 🙂


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