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2018 Philippine Holidays Make Your Travel Plans Happen

In 2017 how many have heard the phrase “puro drawing”, “hanggang drawing na lang ba?” or “kulayan naman natin yung drawing?”. For those who haven’t heard of such, it is the Filipino slang term for plans that did not materialize hence the drawing bit and these terms usually pertain to travel plans that never saw “the light of day” so to speak.

Sometimes those that are not planned are the ones that come to fruition, but of course, that would have to still depend on the right timing. However, the reason maybe why “plans” are never achieved is because of the fact that they are not plans in the first place, they are just ideas that were spoken of by friends over dinner or bottles of alcohol. Here are some tips on how you can make sure that your travel plans for 2018 will actually happen.

1. Determine the Date: the first thing you have to do is to determine the date of your travel, if you are working from 9-5pm at 5 days a week, then it might be a good idea to check out long holiday schedules. Taking advantage of the long holidays will make sure that you have enough travel and vacation time before you go back to work.


2. Be Financially Prepared: the first rule is to always make sure that you are not strapped for cash when vacation time comes. It would be best to save for your trip and account for all the possible expenses before, during and after your travel. Note that you should still have enough cash even after your trip, no point of being sad after your trip.


3. Book Early: Booking early has its benefits, the primary benefit, of course, is that you can book cheaper fares and hotel accommodations. Checking online booking websites might also be good to compare the best prices, you can also search and book for hotels via our Baguio City Hotel directory. If you are traveling to Baguio City it might be good to book your bus tickets early for both travel to and from Baguio City. If the bus company doesn’t allow you to book a return ticket what we advise our friends going up to Baguio during peak season is to buy their return tickets immediately once they arrive, which is fairly easy if you travel via Joybus or Victory liner because the ticketing area is in the same area where the bus would disembark.

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4. Check the Weather: okay we do not mean check it today but it helps to do a little research on the best time to travel to a certain place with special consideration to the weather. Of course one cannot predict the actual weather months before your actual travel but it helps to know the general weather in the area during your travel. If you are traveling to Baguio City, January up to the first week of February will be the coldest months, while March to May is the summer season temperature is up but not as hot as that in the lowlands. During June to October, this is considered as the wet season so rain will be frequent even if there are no storms or typhoons approaching, it usually rains in the afternoon during these months. November to December is the start of the cold season. A little research will help save you from a rainy vacation.

5. Make your itinerary: to fully enjoy and for you to see all the places you want to see you need to make an itinerary. If you plan to have your vacation in Baguio city you just need to message us and inform us of your travel details and we can whip up a Baguio travel itinerary for you!


Following these will put you in a better position to make your travel goals for 2018 a reality. Of course, we also have to account for unforeseen events in our lives but hey at least you did everything you can to prepare and if that still did not happen, maybe there is something better in-store for you in the near future.

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