Carlo Bumina-ang Seals Victory Over Denis Andreev at One Friday Fights 37

In a riveting bout at One Friday Fights 37, Filipino sensation Carlo Bumina-ang squared off against Russia’s striking maestro, Denis Andreev. Both fighters entered the ring with reputations as formidable strikers, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown.

Round 1 A Masterclass on the Ground:

The age-old adage in combat sports is that when two elite strikers face off, it’s often a game of Russian roulette – one wrong move and it’s lights out. However, Bumina-ang flipped the script in the opening round. Instead of engaging in a striking battle, he took the fight to the ground, showcasing his grappling and jiu-jitsu prowess. Andreev found himself ensnared in Bumina-ang’s web, with several near-submission moments. By the end of the round, the Filipino had effectively neutralized Andreev’s striking arsenal, leaving the Russian grappling for answers.

Round 2: A Striking Comeback

Andreev came out with a vengeance in the second stanza, landing a sharp right knee to Bumina-ang’s chin. But the Filipino warrior was unfazed, countering with a knee strike of his own. The round saw a back-and-forth striking exchange, with Andreev’s precision evident. He managed to land a series of clean shots, but Bumina-ang’s resilience and counter-attacks kept him in the game.

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Round 3: It’s a toss-up!

The final round was anyone’s guess. Andreev started strong, but a swift leg kick from Bumina-ang sent him crashing to the canvas. The Russian, however, showcased his fighting spirit, wriggling free from Bumina-ang’s grasp and regaining his footing. But the energy expended in the ground skirmish seemed to sap Andreev’s striking speed. As the round progressed, Bumina-ang’s power punches began to tell, especially when a blow caused noticeable swelling near Andreev’s right eye.

As the final bell rang, both warriors stood tall, leaving the decision in the hands of the judges. In a closely contested battle, the scales tipped in favor of Carlo Bumina-ang, who emerged victorious with a split decision win. The fight was a testament to the versatility and heart of both fighters, promising more thrilling encounters in the future.

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