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PAGASA declares onset of the Northeast Monsoon (Amihan) Season

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) has officially announced the onset of the Northeast Monsoon, known locally as the Amihan season.

Historically, the Amihan is characterized by cool, dry winds originating from the northeast. Commencing typically in the last quarter of the year, this season extends into the early months of the following year. This annual meteorological event provides a respite from the Philippines’ predominantly warm tropical climate, particularly felt in the northern regions with the cooler early morning and evening temperatures. This season is often anticipated by Filipinos, especially during the holiday season.

In recent days, according to PAGASA, Northern Luzon has been experiencing strong northeasterly winds, a direct result of the intensifying high-pressure system over Siberia. Additionally, a noticeable decline in surface air temperature over the northeastern part of Luzon, alongside a rise in mean sea level pressure, confirms the Amihan’s arrival.

The country is expected to witness an amplified northeasterly wind flow, ushering in cooler and drier conditions. Residents should also prepare for potential episodes of wind surges and cooler temperatures in the upcoming months.

A significant concern relayed by PAGASA is the active El Niño phenomenon. This climatic event increases the likelihood of below-average rainfall, which could translate to drier conditions. Such patterns may lead to dry spells or even droughts in certain regions, posing potential challenges to climate-sensitive sectors such as agriculture, water resources, energy, health, public safety, and more.


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