Joshua Pacio wins via disqualification after a careless slam by Jarred Brooks

The much-anticipated clash between Joshua Pacio and Jarred Brooks finally materialized, marking a pivotal moment in the ONE Championship strawweight division. In a quest to reclaim his title, Pacio faced Brooks, who had previously dethroned him. This bout was set against a backdrop of heightened emotions, fueled by Brooks’ relentless verbal jabs at Pacio. The stakes were elevated for Pacio after he secured his position as the contender by overcoming the previously unbeaten Mansur Malachiev.

However, the encounter took an unexpected turn, culminating in a controversial finish. During the event in Qatar, Brooks executed a move that led to his disqualification for spiking Pacio on his head and neck—a serious violation of mixed martial arts (MMA) regulations aimed at safeguarding fighters from potentially career-ending injuries. The essence of MMA, while rooted in the pursuit of victory through knockouts or submissions, mandates a paramount concern for the opponent’s safety, explicitly forbidding attacks on the neck and head due to their potential for causing severe, lasting harm.

During the fight you can even hear the announcers say “No, No…you can’t slam somebody on the head though..”

This incident not only stripped Brooks, known as the “Monkey God,” of his championship title but also crowned Joshua Pacio as the winner by disqualification. The aftermath of the bout left the MMA community in suspense regarding Pacio’s condition following the dangerous maneuver.

While the victory may not have unfolded in the manner Pacio or his supporters envisioned, the primary concern now shifts to his health and well-being, hoping that he has not sustained serious injuries from the incident. The decision to disqualify Brooks has sparked debate among fans and pundits, with some arguing that a no-contest ruling would have been more appropriate. However, it underscores a fundamental principle within the sport: the importance of adhering to the rules and respecting the physical integrity of competitors.

As the newly reinstated ONE Strawweight Champion, Joshua Pacio’s path forward is eagerly anticipated, with hopes for his swift recovery and return to the octagon, continuing to showcase the skill and passion that have defined his career.

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