Carlos Alvarez Clinches Victory in Stunning First-Round Finish

In a breathtaking display of skill and agility, Carlos Alvarez of Team Lakay emerged victorious against Thailand’s Title Chai at ONE Friday Fights 36. The featherweight division bout not only saw Alvarez claim the title but also secure a lucrative $100,000 ONE Championship Contract.

From the onset, the match was electrifying. Title Chai initiated the first move with a right leg kick, momentarily unsettling Alvarez. But this move would be his downfall. Seizing the moment, Alvarez swiftly attempted a takedown. After a brief grappling exchange, Alvarez showcased his dominance by lifting and slamming Title Chai onto the canvas.

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As Title Chai struggled to regain his footing, Alvarez was quick to act. He locked in a choke, transitioning seamlessly into an Anaconda choke. The pressure was too intense for Title Chai, leading him to tap out. The entire bout concluded in a mere 57 seconds of the first round, marking a monumental win for Alvarez.

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